Monday 31 October 2016

Animal Antics

Over the week end Imogen managed to get her head stuck under the gate 
 She must have gone under the gate to eat the grass shuffled forward to reach some nice juicy bit and found she couldn't get out again, when they stand the get there back legs up first then the front but of course she couldn't,
 All the others stood around her, I think they were all laughing at her predicament, I had to undo the gate, lift it up to free her, not even a thank you. 
Its because of things like this I could never go away and leave the livestock without some-one being here to check on them.
Imagine if we had gone away for a week end and she was stuck there for several days.

 Breakfast fresh raspberries and cream, they are still coming on thick and fast, I have loads in the freezer and every other day there is another bowl full to eat.

Sol was down the vets today for his booster and health check, he passed with flying colours, his heart is good, gums and eyes are good and he has lost a total of 4kg in the past year he is nice and trim shiny coat and is in good shape for an OAP.
 Although at times he behaves like a puppy, tearing up his toys
 Poor bunny Martin had to do a bit of surgery on it with gaff tape.

Wednesday 24th November 1982
Letter from mother, Sunny calved at mid day, FERN. John went to get 16 sheets galvanised at 55p per foot, then John spent the afternoon until 7pm on paperwork for solicitor.
Mother phoned to say her farther and Janet coming for week end.
I washed my hair, made a sponge.
  Bell's rep called while John was away, calling again.


  1. I was eating handfuls of very ripe raspberries (I was away last week) as it got dimpsey tonight. They tasted wonderful.

    Animals are little devils for getting themselves in predicaments. As you say, just as well you are there all the time to keep an eye on them.

    I'm glad Sol has passed his MoT with flying colours.

  2. Sheep are the same, I've had to take wooden gates apart before now to free an animal. Years ago we had a lamb with his head stuck, unfortunately as we walked up to him he panicked and broke his neck.

  3. Oh poor Imogen. She does look sorry for herself.
    Nice to hear that Sol passed his MOT-x-

  4. I couldn't agree more re having someone to check in and supervise the animals.

  5. Animals do the silliest things sometimes! x

  6. Bless little Imogen. Raspberries look yum!

  7. Why is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence?!?

  8. Oh gosh, animals really do get up to all sorts don't they! Good job they have you there to rescue them from themselves!

  9. I must say he does look good for an OAP - it must be your care of him. Wish I looked as good!

  10. I suppose that is the only bind that comes with self sufficiency is that you can't really leave unless there's someone handy to "babysit" the homestead while you're gone


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