Tuesday 4 October 2016


For a long time I have used this yeast for making bread
The bread has been OK, nothing really to complain about, it rose it baked it worked well with whatever flour or technique I used, it was bread.
The other week I spotted this one in the shop
I gave it a go over the week end
 It made a lovely loaf, rose very well, produced a very light airy loaf, was it coincidence
Today I made another loaf, I left it to rise while I had a chat on the phone with a friend, when I checked the bread, it had risen too well and spilled over the side of the tin a real gooey mess, 
I took the dough out cleaned up the mess re-kneaded and left it to rise again, I got distracted and once again it rose and spilled out of the tin, once again I cleaned up re-kneaded and this time stay with it, checking on what it was doing.
 Again it rose but this time made it into the oven, it was a lovely light bread again, so I am in the camp of this yeast
For me it gives a lovely texture to the bread, I find it is more responsive than the one in the green tin.
What yeast do you use? 
Thursday November 11th 1982
Ministry of Agri Tudor Morgan rang in morning with herd number.
Finished trimming feet, drenching and marking rest of the ewes.
Wind got up in the afternoon, finished marking by torch light.
Did some washing, Johns N.H.S. number came.
Tran phoned up lovely to hear from him, starting his new job of work on Monday with the lorry he has fixed up.
Then spoke to Janet, father went to Poole, has to go back for treatment on 10 successive days.
Went out to check Lucky and Sunny due to calve.





  1. The bread looks lovely. I'm sure it was the yellow tin I buy when I make bread.

  2. We don't have that brand in Australia. But I've used dry yeast before. As well as fresh yeast, which I liked...a lot! But my favourite way of making bread for sure was using sourdough cultures. However that was in the past. We're basically a grain free family now ( kids eat a little rice only ) so we've moved away from all things bready really. Kids now have a paleo loaf that is nut and egg based.

    There is a small part of me that really misses a good chewy crusted tart sourdough.....

  3. It certainly let rose more which is an improvement on the other yeast but the better texture could have been because of all that extra kneading. Use the new and keep kneading. You've got the right combo.

  4. We use the green one , We have never used the orange one , Will have to have keep look out for it xxx

  5. Bread looks great! I've just checked the kind of yeast I use and it is easy bake and Lidl's own. I was always too impatient to make proper bread but loved making soda bread and think now it definitley is a bit of a science, like baking. I always use quick acting yeast but since I got my dough hook and realised the proving is so important, which I do three times, my bread is so much better. I really enjoy the process now.

  6. I use the green tin although I don't make bread very often these days.....I really should make more.
    I tend to make cornbread or scones for having with soup-x-

  7. I use the yellow one I tried the green but I didn't get on with it. I find the first half of the tin works OK but after that it deteriates and I usually throw the last third away and get a new one

  8. We use the green one and get great loaves from it. I do add slightly more than it says and we keep it in the fridge when it's open.

  9. I always thought the Easy Bake (green) one was for bread machines and the other (yellow) one for ordinary methods? Green one you just shove it all in together and yellow one you reactivate in warm water before adding to flour. I have found the yellow one much better.

  10. I thought the green was for BM's too but I don't know why I thought that lol. Great insight, thank you


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