Monday 10 October 2016

Garlic Time

Gosh it has come round quick, it doesn't seem that long ago I planted the last lot.
This years Garlic 
Pink Germidour broke into and planted 19 cloves
 White Casablanca broke into and planted 26 cloves
 The Elephant garlic from our own home grown that we have grown for a couple of years now, 1 bulb broken into 14 cloves.
if all goes well we will have 59 bulbs next year.
This year we harvested 51/2lb of garlic, so lets see what next year brings.
 This is were they have gone, I added some of the spent mushroom compost to the bed, there is still some Yacon and Leeks in this bed, at the far end is the pointed greyhound cabbage that wont be ready until the spring.
I am going to get some white and red onions planted into the poly tunnel, I do find with the winter growing onions if its too wet they just don't grow, I tend to go for spring planted, I will do a spring planting of the brown onions in the rest of this bed.

 This is the light working in the chicken house, being solar powered it runs down slowly over 4-5 hours on the brightest setting, as the charge runs out it dims giving them plenty of time to get on to perches, I switch it on about 5pm when I am doing the evening rounds.
I am just heading off to bed I was up at 4-30 this morning, getting an order finished that had to be delivered to a shop today, I now have one of those tired thick heads.

Saturday November 13th 1982
Went to Carmarthen, John got 5 gas bottles refilled, went into new Mark's and Spencer's. 
David and Margaret arrived about 11-30pm 
Had letter from mother.


  1. Garlic heaven....I love garlic so I am obviously not a vampire
    You are such a busy bee. I hope you are very proud of all you should be-x-

  2. This is exactly what I wrote about his morning as well. Time to plant.

  3. Your hen house looks like it could play a part in Halloween frightening...especially if a chicken was looking out of the window! x

  4. You are a workaholic! Don't overdo it. Take care of yourself. Nagging over!!!

  5. All looks great. Hope you recover from your tired head. Hope to get my garlic in this week.

  6. Need to order mind. Love the stuff but my harvest was poor this year.

  7. I was thinking just this morning (when prompted by those on offer in The Range) that I needed to get mine planted and the Nasturtiums cleared from the other end of the bed. It seems a shame as they are still flowering profusely and giving the bees some late nourishment, but I will have to push them back a bit, if nothing else.

    I know just what you mean by the thick head after a very early start (had that on Sunday).

  8. I am truly impressed by your arlic yield - fantastic.
    We tried to grow winter greens one year but alas we are just too far North and our veg garden was not the place. They all perished over the winter.
    Sleep well - hope you wake in the morning with a clear head.


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