Sunday 28 August 2016

TV Dinner

Do you remember TV dinners from the 80's ?
Tonight we had a TV dinner but of our own making,
Crispy duck one of our own from the freezer, with spring onions and cucumber from the garden
put together in a wrap, pack of 8 from Tesco for £1, we only had 4 of them, the rest will do another day, along with some Hosin sauce.
There is enough duck left over for another couple of meals.
One of those easy meals for busy days,
We had to go shopping for a re-stock on animal feed this morning and also a Tesco shop, by the time we got back it was time for lunch, before we went out I put together a batch of dough for some Turkish flat breads.
I do them on the hotplate on the Rayburn 
 But I thought I would have a go at doing some on the cooker just to show you how easy it is to them in a dry pan you dont need a griddle plate.
 All done a nice stack of flat breads, lots have gone in the freezer and I have kept a few out for us to have with the rest of the soup tomorrow.
Another couple of pound of beefeater tomatoes have ripened in the poly tunnel, I think there might be another couple of pound in a few days then I will get them bottled together.
Martin has been getting some more concreting done in his workshop, he also went out to do some logging, I have been getting job lots of ex shop stock on eBay, at last I making head ways with it and the end is in sight.
I have been asked to do a post on my shopping habits so that will be tomorrows post.
Wednesday 27th October 1982
More clearing up of rubbish in shed, in garden.
Cut carpet and laid on landing and down the stairs.
Had letter off mother, all OK.
Went and sawed up 3 trees that had blown over on to fence,
packed the wood into the shed cleared out in the morning.


  1. The flat breads look good Dawn, I love a good flat bread!

  2. Any chance of the recipe for those flatbreads?

  3. I've never tried flatbreads. They look lovely.
    You've given me a great idea for tea tomorrow with that TV dinner. I have Ruby for the week and I find she eats better if I try to make eating veg and salad fun-x-


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