Saturday 20 August 2016

Pickles And A Cake

Yesterday I didn't get much done at all, this virus decided it wasn't yet ready to go, apart from doing the usual chores I didn't feel like coping with anything else.
Today however I feel fine again apart from a hacking cough.
A morning was spent in the kitchen
 I did a couple of jars of the refrigerator pickle, using up some of cucumbers a few chilies and some garlic along with dill.
 I did plan to get some baking done yesterday, did it today instead,
I made a Marmalade Loaf Cake, Link HERE I used one of the jars of marmalade I made last year.
 I also did the usual loaf of bread, we tried a slice of the Marmalade loaf with a cup of tea while it was still warm, it was lovely and moist.
We had to take a trip out over the mountain
 All the heather is in flower and looks stunning
We were off out to pick up a new ride on mower
I spotted it for sale last week its 3 years old but was only used a few times as the owner took ill and passed away, its in immaculate condition, the handbook was with it along with the receipt of purchase, we got it for a third of the price, our old one has been having a few problems it was time for a change.

Saturday 23rd October 1982
Went to the Market and arrived home about 4 o'clock.
Mr Coats had been and removed more items, sleepers, RSJ's etc and the anvil.
Douglas bought a set of drawer's in Woolworth's. 
First frost of the year, 
Sheep all O.K. needed moving into fresh fields, 
Jessie cut her front pad.
Clocks went back one hour.


  1. A good bargain on the mower Dawn, many thanks for the recipe link, I will be making one of those later. I still have lots of marmalade from last year, those oranges that you gave me went a long long way. I did make a batch with grapefruit and some very sour mandarins to use up the last three so will probably use some of that batch. I hope that you get rid of the lurgy fast.

  2. It is a month today since I went down with a virus Dawn and I still don't feel one hundred percent - so don't overdo it.
    That pickle looks delicious.

  3. You're amazing Dawn! Creating even when sick! Hope you're 100% soon.

  4. These viruses don't half knock you about so you take it as easy as you can.
    Good job I don't live near you else them pickles would be gone.....I love them-x-

  5. I hope you make a full recover soon. I wouldn't be able to stop at one slice of warm bread, butter and marmalade I'm afraid. It would disappear very quickly with me around.

  6. Ooh, how long do refridgerator pickles last. I think I'll try some of those as well as making more to keep in stock. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  7. Viruses do hang about and bring you down don't they? Take care of yourself Dawn. I need to make some of those fridge pickles, our cues are coming thick and fast now.

  8. Lovely baking-so mouthwatering. My DH's dream has always been to have a ride on mower! Catriona

  9. I think your virus has traveled across the pond. I'll have to try baking some marmalade bread for a cure!


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