Friday 5 August 2016

Quick Walk Through The Veg Beds

Now we have the two poly tunnels we have reduced the outside growing area to just 5 beds 1 of which is permanently planted up with Asparagus, Globe Artichokes and Jerusalem Artichokes
Although I am using one side of the bed to grow beans
 They have been slow to produce this year
 But now they are off and producing, I have had one picking and a second is on the cards
 The brassica bed which we covered with a netted frame is doing well,
 This bed has been cleared of garlic and onions and has now been sown with lentils
 This bed was cleared of leeks and onions and now has more peas along each side with spinach and swiss chard in the middle at the front more beetroot has been sown.
 This bed is full of onions leeks and potatoes also along one side opposite the beans is peas, this one row of peas has produced almost 18lb of peas, and what is on there now will be left to go to seed for next years crop.
 Where the small poly tunnel was is a holding area for plants waiting to go into the main garden and young trees that will be planted in Autumn.
 Where the greenhouse use to be beds have put in place for Sunflowers and a lovely bed of cosmos, the bees love it and I like to cut them to come indoors, other beds are being prepared for next years planting.
The sunflowers have been great, the seeds will be added to the chicken feed. Although I do want some of the seeds for growing on next year.

 Courgettes are now coming and being picked every few days
 The last peas picked from the main row, just 1lb 7oz today.
It will be a few weeks before the next lots of peas are producing but we have plenty in the freezer and there is loads of other veg to eat in the meantime.
Monday October 18th 1982
Went to Llanybidder mart, got there at 9-20am left at 5-45pm, Douglas bought 46 Welsh Mountain Ewes + 132 Specklefaced ewes. Total of 178 @ £5,184.50 average £29.60 per head.
Douglas and Molly went back home, Douglas, John and I were all given lucky money.
Phoned mother for Michaels address, left new ewes in the yard for the night, 98 full mouth 80 broken mouth.



  1. You are so productive and well organised. I'm still learning. If I'm half as good as you I'll be well chuffed.

  2. Veg is looking amazing. With the lentils will you get a crop from them this year?
    As for luck money it's something I always remember from going to market with dad but where I'm from it's only with cattle not sheep.

  3. Your garden is just amazing Dawn! What an inspiration you are :) we grew sunflowers last summer here, but the cockatoos ripped them to pieces before we could save any seed for the chooks or to re sew :(

  4. That frame over the brassicas is a good idea...I shall remember that idea for future use!

  5. Your garden looks fabulous-x-

  6. All looking fab. Our courgettes seem to really be coming on now they have been outside for a while. I hope the beans improve now i have decided not to pick any for a dew days.

    1. I think I may plant outs out now as they seem to be stuck in a rut. Thanks for the idea!

  7. What a super organised space you have and I love the sunflowers. It's all really impressive and inspirational

  8. Always amazed by how productive you are! We could all stand to learn from your example


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