Tuesday 9 August 2016

Just A Quick One

No wonder I do go away often to much to organise,
 Its not the best time of year to be leaving the garden.
I picked some of the beetroot this morning 
 Cooked it up and got it pickled

 That was one job ticked off the list, 
Next up was the corn on cob, it goes over so quickly, I picked 6 cobs got them blanched, vac packed and ready for the freezer, 
job 2ticked off the list
But on opening the freezers it was obvious I had to have a sort out
 Freezers all got emptied, ice scraped off then re-filled this time with an inventory for each of the three freezers.
 There was so much stuff to list, but the job is done, 99% of the contents is all home produced.
How lucky are we.
There is also more space in the freezers now, after a check over the lists there is enough meat, fish, fruit and vegetables to feed us for about 2 years, this shows that we are over producing or need to eat more, although when Martin is here full time we will go through more food. 
I now just need to do an inventory of canned goods, pickles, preserves and dehydrated goods.
My little bag is packed all ready for my trip tomorrow, will be home again Friday in time for some friends arriving, but before I go we need to take Helen back to the vet in the morning, she has been chewing at the injury area, the vet thinks its nerve damage from the injury, we shall see tomorrow. 
Will catch up with everyone on my return.

October 21st 1982
Up at 8 o'clock, teasers put in with ewes, cleaned bath in yard, Celandine had bad back foot infected.
Cleaned out two buildings by milking shed, took down wooden pens opposite house in barn,  Did washing, made six loaves of bread, lovely day from dawn to dusk.
Moved beds to bedroom, washed hair, did a couple of lines knitting. put plastic were window was broken and replaced plastic in another window, in yard put more rubbish in the tip.


  1. Have a great time at the quilt show !

  2. have a great time, and take a few pics to share. I almost regret not going but there is next year to look forward to.

  3. How fantastic that you have so much home produced food in your freezers. Have a lovely time.

  4. Food a-go go! Fantastic! Enjoy your trip away and look forward to some pics.

  5. Have a lovely time away at the quilt show. You deserve a break despite the added work. I need to scrap my freezer too its on my to do list.

  6. Have a great time , Couldn't you sell some of your surplus when its first produced , I wish i could be as productive as you xxx

  7. I need to make an inventory as well, so that I know what we have got in the freezers, larder, store cupboard, and dehydrates cupboard. It is all jumbled up at the moment, probably the same as yours was! And trust me when I say that when your husband is with you full time you will go through the food at a much faster rate!

  8. Top marks for your work on those freezers. I think we are all guilty of mistreating our freezers until one day they tell us they can't take it any more. Have a good break, I am sure you are ready for one and also your satisfaction at jobs done before you go will enhance the enjoyment.

  9. Would have loved to have gone to the quilt show. Maybe next year.
    The beetroot looks lovely-x-

  10. I need to do our freezers, although he one would just be beef beef beef beef!


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