Wednesday 24 August 2016


Its time I did an update on the new herbs that were sown last month
These are all tender herbs and I want to see if I can keep them going through winter in the poly tunnel, they are to be planted among the citrus trees.
 Cinnamon Basil, although the cinnamon taste is not too overpowering, it does smell very much of cinnamon.
 Stevia not doing to well. It was old seeds need to pick up some new ones.
 The tray of salad leaves are coming on great now ready for picking
 Some more young plants ready for planting out.

Basil has done very well in the poly tunnel I have been getting some dehydrated to use through winter as well as using it fresh
 One of my favourite ways of using it, a handful of leaves, some pine nuts garlic clove and a splash of olive oil
 Blitzed up together
 and used to dress some pasta, its a bit like Pesto but without the Parmesan, very quick and easy I had this lot with some smoked salmon and salad.
A few new herbs to try
I was told about this one and managed to get some seeds to try, Acmella Spilanthes Oleracea, otherwise know as the Toothache plant, the flower buds and leaves when chewed numb the mouth, they can also be dried this is one for my medicinal plants beds, it is a hardy annual.
 German chamomile
 Bolt resistant Coriander, 
I will be starting these seeds in the spring, I am compiling lists of seeds for next year, is anyone else starting on next years lists.

Sunday October 24th 1982
Up at 9 o'clock,  weather not very nice, checked sheep and counted them, John fixed up many curtain tracks, Bathroom, two bedrooms and landing. 
Made more bread, sponge and chocolate cornflake cakes.
Celandines foot beginning to go down, Kittens getting braver but not ventured outside yet.
Had a lovely chicken dinner in the evening and a bottle of Tesco's Liebfraumilch very nice £1.99 


  1. Hope those herbs over winter well - I am sure the parsley will as ours stays out all year and only gives up the ghost in the direst weather.

    1. I lost Parsley last winter first time ever I think it was just so wet, I am planting it in the ground in the poly tunnel to see how it goes.

  2. Do you have to heat your polytunnel? Also, do the plants get enough light through the polytunnel cover? I ask because I am unable to grow basil in winter - even in my shade cloth covered veggie patch.

    1. The poly tunnels will not be heated, the cover s designed to bring in lots of light even in low light it is very bright in there

  3. Your herbs look very lush and healthy. My garden is struggling in the heat and lack of rain.

    1. It either too hot or too damp the weather has been very undecided this year

  4. Will be watching with interest the over winter herbs! I hope they are successful :)

    I'm compiling my list of seeds for my upcoming down under spring :) I have many from last year, still good, but some didn't do well, so I will try some other usual in my smaller than I'd like garden, I have to make compromises as to what I can grow.

    I did laugh at the diary woman's wine of choice! And the luxury of being up at 9am! Did she ever get up earlier as she was there longer or was she always a lady of leisure? My mother in law is a very late riser too, even when they lived on a small holding!

    1. I do think she was always a late riser

  5. Dawn - because we get much colder temps than you during the winter, my most delicate herbs and pepper plants must be brought into the house during the winter. but we are building an extension to our kitchen which will become a sunroom of sorts - mostly a place to over-winter peppers, tomatoes and of course - grow fresh herbs. keep us updated as to how the polytunnel works out!

    sending love! your friend,

    1. I will keep an update over winter, i really dont know if they will survive or not


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