Saturday 27 August 2016

Harvesting Lemons

 Yes here in Wales I was harvesting lemons this morning, 
Just perfect for making some lemon curd with the addition of our own eggs.
 Melt the butter and sugar in a bowl over a pan of water, add the zest and juice of 4 lemons
Beat together 3 eggs and 1 extra yolk, add to the bowl stirring continually
 once it is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon its ready to get into jars.
 I am really excited about this, I never thought I could be making Lemon Curd from my own lemons.

While I was in the kitchen it was time to use up more of those cucumbers.
 Chopped and de-seeded 2 cucumbers along with 4 spring onions (homegrown)
heat some olive oil add the onions and cucumbers, saute together for a few mins
Add some chopped potatoes (homegrown)
 Add some chicken stock ( made from our own home reared chicken)
Hot cucumber soup (home made), it was surprisingly tasty, as this soup can be frozen I am going to make up some more and get some in the freezer.
link to the lemon curd HERE 
link to the soup HERE

While I was in the kitchen  Martin was trying out the new ride on mower, its been a pleasant dry warm day, he got all the grass cut and did some strimming, I went down the cabin this afternoon I will update my craft blog tomorrow.

Tuesday October 26th 1982
Took SAAB to collect pick up, filled up SAAB with £10 of petrol,
went on to St Clear to see about Kew pressure washer,
Came home, had lunch, did some more clearing up,
put more bits and pieces in loft in barn.
Walked round sheep all OK.
Took form with amount of suckler cows to Agricult Offices.


  1. Heaven to have your own lemons. I bet that lemon curd is divine-x-

  2. I have a few lemons on my tree but not quite ready to pick yet. There will be figs soon, I hope to turn them into a preserve as well. The fruit has done very well this year, I have had a small handful of blueberries most days to snack on.

  3. Another busy and productive day Dawn. Well done with those lemons.

  4. Nom nomnom! My little lemon 'tree', courtesy of Dawn, is coming along well but will be a good few years before it fruits, how long was yours Dawn, but this is something I look forward to greatly! Love the idea for the cucumber soup; I am getting loads so this will be fab to try.

  5. Absolutely love homemade lemon curd, must be even better with your own eggs. Dawn, on my blog you mentioned that you spend just £20 a month on do you do that? Would you mind doing a post about how you keep your shopping costs so low?

    I hope you're fully recovered after your virus/bug.

  6. How wonderful to have your own Lemon harvest. I bet there aren't many folk with home-grown Lemon Curd on their pantry shelves!

  7. We did have a lemon tree but it got scale and died, so I'll have to get my lemons from Lidl when they're on offer to make lemon curd as it is a favourite of mine. I do have figs on both trees. I've preserved so much I'm running out of jars now!

  8. Sorry Dawn I meant to say how I envy your growing capabilities. I think I will be trying the soup We have 3 large cucumbers to use up.

  9. Wow bet that's delish. Soup sounds really good too. Am up to my ears in tomatoes at the moment. So satisfying to grown and make things yourself. Will put the lemons on the wish list together with my forever home. Lemons would not do well at this house - however do make my own lemon curd. Hope you are keeping well.



  10. Lemon curd is not used much in US but I think I would enjoy it made from rest lemons. What a wonder you are in the kitchen

  11. Lemons Dawn...harvesting there no end to your talents!? I used to have a lemon tree, but eventually it succumbed to scale...I just couldn't control it. Not before harvesting some really delicious fruits though...Nothing can beat homemade lemon curd...or homemade anything really. x


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