Monday 8 August 2016

Ticking Along

 We are now starting to harvest some mushrooms, more and more are popping up each day, Martin is having them for breakfast, it seems they have survived the cat assault.
 Corn on the cob are also becoming a regular harvest, I will have to pick and freeze some tomorrow as there is a now a few ready, as I am away for a few days from wednessday I dont want them to go past there best.
The bacon is out of the cure, wrapped in muslin and needs to hang for a while before we can start slicing into it.
Its been a very relaxed couple of days, Martin swept out the chimney for the Rayburn this morning, he has also been doing some concreting in his workshop area, we did also trim up the lambs bottoms, they had been moved onto fresh pasture and the result was dirty bums, now they are nice and clean again, I have had a couple days doing bits of sewing, I felt really tired it seemed like a long two weeks that Martin was away, now re-couped and raring to go again, we have just had an evening trip down to the beach, a very pleasant evening.

Tuesday 20th October 1982
Michael's Birthday
Went to Sennybridge mart, nothing there for us to buy,
 met Elgan Jones. Went to Carmarthen tremendous amount of flooding around, bought wool for John's cardigan, eggs and cat food. Car to damp to start, landrover to damp to start.
had letters from solicitors my motor bike papers, 
Johns valuation lists.
Molly phoned, cats fine starting to investigate, rained most of the day, John opened account with Carmarthen Farmers at Nantgeredig, £5 enrollment members fee.
Started knitting.


  1. Those mushies look awesome Dawn, and the corn perfect and golden! Hope you enjoy that bacon once it's ready :) enjoy your trip away too!

  2. Lovely mushrooms. You work so hard you deserve a rest.

  3. Mmmmm I love mushrooms! When is the latest time that the sweetcorn will be harvestable? Mine is coming through but not ready yet. Ha, clean as a lambs bum!

  4. Sounds to all be going swimmingly down there. Sennybridge brought back memories, we used to have friends in that area.

  5. Glad to hear that you are raring to go again.
    Enjoy your time away-x-

  6. I leave our bacon in the fridge to finish curing and before cutting. I don't think Lester would let me hang it out in the air, even if it was well wrapped because he would worry about rats and mice getting to it, plus flies of course although we do have a similar fly trap to you.
    Hope you have a good trip.

  7. The corn is amazing and glad the cat's didn't win! Glad you're feeling more full of energy, it catches up with you sometimes doesn't it?


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