Tuesday 12 April 2016

The Spice Of Life

I do like a growing challenge,
This year its going to be spices.
Not necessarily  the hot ones, more those to add flavour.
 First up is some Lemon Grass, very easy to grow
Details here for Growing Lemon Grass
The Lemon grass has been started off in a pot
I have a plastic dome over the top of it to keep the humidity high, that encourages germination and root production

 Next up is Turmeric, its the root you use in cooking, fro what I understand if you grate the root and dry it you can process it to powder, here are details of Growing Turmeric
Turmeric is a relation of ginger, I am growing it in a container in the Poly Tunnel
 Next is Ginger, this ginger is Thai Galangad, I have planted the rhizomes in a container and I am keeping them in the poly tunnel.
There are details here for  Growing Ginger
 I bought these from an Asian supermarket on Amazon, 
I also have some cumin seeds I want to have a go at growing.
In the hot corner I have planted out the peppers and chilies,
There roots were at the bottom of the pots 
They only look tiny here but they are almost 6 inches tall 
The Piquant peppers from Dani over on Eco Footprint are going great and putting a lot more growth on than the others.
I have here sweet peppers, cayenne peppers, purple gusto chilies and hot banana peppers
they were all started off in January as they need a long growing season.


  1. Oh well done, Dawn. Will have to wait until we get our poly tunnel before I can follow in your footsteps!

  2. I grew lemon grass last year, it's really easy, I will get some more going in a pot, the lemon scent helps keep the flies away, so the pot will be near our patio table.

  3. I've been taking turmeric for inflammation as I cant take ibuprofen. Many spices have a medicinal element too.

  4. I love that you are growing these and maybe next year we will look into them too. Any alternative medicines interest me too x

  5. Glad the piquante pepper seeds are growing well. I, too, have just managed to get ginger growing - seems my soil wasn't rich enough when I tried before, 'cos now I planted them in my new raised beds and they're doing well :)

  6. I hope you are successful with them Dawn. I am sure we are too far North to attempt anything on this scale.

  7. The health benefits for tumeric intake are absolutely collosal, i'll have to look in to growing some, never gave it a thought really!

  8. I'm impressed! I hope you'll show us how you use them after they've grown!

  9. I saw some tumeric roots in a health food store the other day, I hadn't a clue what plant it came from or that you could grow it in this country before then.

  10. Funnily enough I was just wondering about growing lemongrass and ginger the other day! Thanks for the tips :)


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