Thursday 14 April 2016

Grumpy Dog and Pitiful Lambs

Sol is being a grumpy dog
He has toothache, he has broke a bit off one of his back teeth and exposed a nerve, The vet has put him on antibiotics and tomorrow morning he is having the tooth out.
He has been struggling to eat this week, a sure sign something wasn't right.
The lambs are being a pitiful noisy bunch
They are on there second day of being weaned,
every time the hear the gate or see me there is a noisy chorus of pitiful bleating.
A few days and they will settle I hope.
I have had a collection of trees arrive
72 young trees, 
These are going to be planted in the woodland I am making.
Its a mixture of broadleaf and pine trees.
Today I went and visited a lovely family who live just 15mins away,
Sue and her husband daughter and grandson, they have a smallholding, they moved here just over 2 years ago, Sue won one of the books on my giveaway and I popped it down to her.
They sold up everything and moved to start a self sufficient life,
I had a lovely tour of there place and got to see there animals, such cute pigs, sheep, geese and chickens and there young sheep dog they are training.
They have just put up a smashing poly tunnel.
I really think they should do a blog about there life style.
Come on Sue there is lots of people out there who would love to read about you and your lovely family.
There is some great people out there its lovely to meet new people,
as well as old friends :-)




  1. Poor Sol! Hope he's eating well again soon. I'd love your friend to do a blog, I love reading your blog and reading about smallholdings, it's the closest I'll probably ever get so hearing all your wonderful stories makes me very happy! Xx

  2. We don't wean our lambs but just let the ewes do it on their own when they see fit. Have never had any issues doing it that way.

    Boy 72 trees. That's a lot of planting!!!!

  3. Oh dear poor Sol. Hope he feels better after the extraction. The lambs will miss their milk. The grass will be nice and new for them. Hope they get used to it.

  4. Poor old Sol...hope he'll be tight as rain after his visit to the vet tomorrow. x

  5. Always room for one more, I've found that there is a great deal of support and like minded people in the blogosphere

  6. aww poor Sol :( I know the feeling, one of my teeth snapped clean off the other day, (I was biting into a toastie that was a bit too well done) so I'm dealing with an exposed nerve too, so I fully sympathize with him lol

  7. We have had only had one lamb who is moaning because his milk rations have been reduced, and that's enough. It's the little whimpers which I find worse.
    Oh do please encourage Sue to write a blog. I find the blogging community, especially the smallholders, so vital in helping me feel that we aren't the only ones living this life. It is a wonderful life, but full on, and to know that others are feeling the same does help when things get a bit heavy going.

  8. Toothache is horrid, poor Sol. Your forward planning is brilliant.

  9. Poor little doggie! Hope the pain is gone soon.
    I bet you were tickled to find like-minded people in your area!

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  11. Thanks for visiting and for the book. It was lovely to meet you and Sol. If/when I start a blog you will be the first to know. Watch this space! Sue.


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