Thursday 21 April 2016

Doing the Can Can

Yes Big Berth was out of the cupboard today
Put on her dancing shoes and we can canned in the kitchen together.

Last night I made up a pot of leek and potato soup and thought I would can the soup rather than freezing it, as was going to have a canning session thought I would do a second batch of soup and can the lot in one go.
I picked a load of spinach from the poly tunnel
added some broccoli that was in the fridge, some onions, some fresh chives and used up the other batch of chicken stock
Once the soup was made I re-read the canning soup instructions
It is recommended when canning soup not to puree it before canning. Also not to add pasta or rice add them when re-heating, also don't add any dairy products.
I sterilised the jars in the oven and lids in boiling water
and got started.
 The instructions suggested straining the veg and dividing up between the jars
Then add the liquid, this way all jars are equal and you are not going to get some with lots of liquid and very little veg.
 I did the same with the Spinach and broccoli soup
I am using the tattler lids on the jars, they are plastic with a rubber seal and are reusable.
First layer of jars into the canner 
Then the rack and the next layer of jars.
lid went on canner brought to temperature 240deg and kept under a 10lb pressure for 60 mins

 6 jars of leek and potato soup
6 jars of Spinach and broccoli soup
To use pour out warm up puree if preferred and eat, storage is 3-5 years.
I like my soup pureed Martin likes his lumpy now we can have what we prefer.
It was easier than I thought so I think more canned soup is on the agenda.
Now I had an exciting delivery today 
100m of Sisal rope,
I have had this in mind for some time,
Its suppose to rain tomorrow so I may get a chance to try it out
more to be revealed later.
Off to do the Violet jelly now 
catch you later 



  1. I'd love to be inside your head for a week. It must buzz with ideas constantly. You're not going to tie up Martin so he can't go away any more! ;0)

    1. honestly you dont want to be inside my head its a scary place at times :-)

  2. Well, I am intrigued by the rope! I wouldn't have thought of canning soup, but as I am not a canner that is not surprising! Amazing what you can do to preserve food!! xx

  3. Canned soups are one of the things I'm really excited about with canning. My wife loves soup for work so it'll be a great thing I can make for her when I'm being a stay at home dad again.

    1. Its no different to canning veg I suppose

  4. Canning could be the way to go as will not be bringing our large freezer to Little Winter...Errr does Martin know about the rope? x

  5. Hi Dawn

    That looks really good. I really like the idea of this. Out of curiousity which canner do you have is at an All American or a Presto. What should one look for when choosing a canner. I am sure a lot of ladies would like to know. Soup is good to make when one has veggies going spare which I frequently do so it would be nice to preserve them in a different way on the shelf rather than in the freezer. That's one of the reasons I became interested in the canning process.

    You really have been busy; I have been on the treadmill all day and will not get time to play this weekend. Maybe after next week is out the way I will eventually get the time.

    Hope you are okay and that Sol has recovered.

    That sisal looks intriguing macramé plant hangers or mats or something completely different.



    1. Its an All American I went for this one because the Presto has a rubber seal around the lid like a pressure cooker and over time it will need replacing as canning supplies are thin on the ground here I decided to go for the one that need less servicing

  6. Can...t go wrong with can....ed soup :)

    I am dying to know what the rope is for especially since I know I am out of your reach :)

    1. I will reveal all when we have a rainy day

  7. I do like the idea of canning soup. Like you & Martin I prefer a smoother soup where as Mike prefers his with some texture. I'm intreaged about your rope xx

    1. It is handy being able to serve up two different batches

  8. Good info on soup canning, and will get some soup canned up as well for when I am pushed for time. Love my All American canner as well, and would not do without it.

    1. I now intend to get more canned use up last years harvests and get them out of the freezer

  9. Bertha really is a beast. Thanks again for all of your ideas and inspiration and I agree with Frugal In Essex about what must go on in your head - in a good way obviously!x

    1. Yes Big Bertha is a beast and she is not the biggest there are two more bigger than her only I have no idea how you would lift them,
      inside my head is a scary place, there is so much going on :-)


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