Tuesday 19 April 2016

My New Favouite

I love bread 
Bread of any kind
I have always like Tiger Loaf
I have tried various recipes in the past but they have not been up to the mark, until today
Taa daa 
 The recipe I tried today hit the mark
 Nice and crusty with a great taste.
This is one I have added to my recipe book and will do many many more times, its now my favorite.
This is the recipe Here
I started it last night and left it to prove over night
I think my yeast is coming to the end of its time although there is a few months left on the date, it seemed to be taking forever to rise.
Its been another glorious day here,
wall to wall sunshine, the only rain we have had in the past 9 days 
was during one night.
The day has been spent weeding moving more gravel and I gave the poly tunnel a good watering this evening.
All the animals have been relaxing in the sunshine
When I was out with Sol 
I spotted these 
pretty little wild violets
there was loads of them all along the bank.
I remembered Leigh over on 5 Acres blog mentioning Wild Violet Jelly, I have found a recipe Here 
So I am going to collect some flowers tomorrow and give it a go. 



  1. Mmm I can smell it from here Dawn. Thank you for the recipe, tiger bread is my favourite too so I'll try and have a go, yours looks brilliant! Xx

  2. Your bread looks delicious. We, too, love homemade bread. Just wish it stayed fresh(-ish) for longer than a day...

    1. I only make small loaves so they get used before going stale

  3. It looks so good. My husband has recently developed an interest in bread making so he will like this recipe. I like the idea of wild violet jelly, I have a fondness for violet & rose creams. xx

    1. The violet jelly is a new one for me looking forward to trying it

  4. I wish this was smelly-viewing. There is nothing to touch the smell of wild violets.

    1. They always remind me of my grandmother

  5. Nice recipe, and have made a note of it.

  6. good looking bread! We have violets, some of which are invading the lawn and my husband already fed up with going round cowslips out the back refuses to go round!

    1. There are a few recipes out there for using violets and cowslips

  7. Love tiger bread. We've had more rain in Essex then I've seen in a long time. More to follow next week.

    1. I think we had rain due the weather is going to change

  8. Love tiger brea. Then again I love all fresh bread. We're such bread feinds in this house!

    1. It beats that stuff from the shops that is like eating fresh air

  9. Hi Dawn sounds a good recipe.

    I followed a recipe from Moontide for Tiger Buns and they turned out fab. Here is a link to his recipe and my attempt. OH was very impressed with this one.


    For the bread recipe above


    My attempt.


    Tiger Bread has always been a big favourite here especially when it is freshly made.




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