Wednesday 6 April 2016


Yes I have been Smoking,
Not the coffin nail smoking been there, done it, stopped it, have the lung damage to prove it.
I have been Smoking food.
 I started it off yesterday with some of the garlic from last years harvest
 The garlic needed to be cold smoked for about 20 hours,
Cold smoking is just what it says, there is no heat generated just lots of smoke,
Cold smoking helps the smoke flavour to really penetrate the food.
I picked up a cold smoker last year
I bought it off Amazon it was one that was recommended in the smoking book
I bought the book at an event we went to last year
Anyway this is how it worked 
 I chose Maple smoking wood from the selection I have got,
 you fill the smoke generator with the sawdust
 light a candle place it in the holder
Once it starts smouldering and producing smoke, remove the candle and place the smoke generator into your cabinet, metal box old cupboard what ever you are using as a smoke cabinet,
Then leave it to smoulder away, the cold smoker will smoulder away for about 10 hours then need refilling, it produces a good amount of smoke.
I refilled it before going to bed and it was still going this morning.
I had taken some Haddock out of the freezer and this morning set it a dry salt brine
The salt helps to draw the moisture out, 
It only needed 30 mins in the salt
 I gave a good rinse in cold water to get rid of the salt patted it dry
 and added it to the smoker along with some home made pork and apple sausages I had taken out of the freezer and defrosted for the final four hours of the garlic being cold smoked.
Once the cold smoking was finished I took out all but 2 of the garlics
They are a lovely golden colour and smell wonderful.
It was now time to switch on the hot smoker,
Hot smoking cooks food, the cabinet I have has a thermostat
I filled the the ray with a mixture of maple and apple chips this time 
the tray sits on top of an electric element so there is hot smoke
 The temperature rises fairly fast
 And there is lots and lots of smoke its smells wonderful
 12 mins and the fish is done and out of the smoker
I had some hot on bread and butter so yummy.
after half an hour the sausages are done 
I am saving them until Martin comes home along with the garlic 

As well as playing with the smoker today 
I made myself a pudding
 Mrs Beetons recipe
 Steamed Syrup Sponge
 And I had some of it this evening with custard.
A lovely end to the day.
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  1. Hi Dawn

    I have had my eye on that particular cold smoker for a couple of months. If you recommend will probably purchased one in the next few weeks or so. Funnily enough I bought some smoked garlic but I absolutely adore smoked haddock. Think will start with the cold smoker first though. Home made treacle pudding and custard to die for. You have been busy.

    Take care.

  2. So jealous of your pudding. It was my favourite as a child and my mother used to make it for me when I went back home from college.Love your blog, you work so hard. Love reading about Sol as we have a black lab of the same age.

  3. That fish looks absolutely delicious, what a clever experimenter you are, definitely deserve a sticky pudding after all that.

  4. Steamed treacle pud! Oh what joyousness that is! Used to make a lot of those when the children were young.
    That smoker looks interesting, but think I shall hold off from getting one at the moment. Not sure if we would like the taste of smoked food. But treacle pud.......!!!!!

  5. I have never seen or heard of a cold smoker and now it is going at the top of my want list! oh the possibilities! I think I'm going to have to make a smoking cabinet now, Dawn you are a very bad influence on me in an incredibly good way!

  6. Dawn, that fish look nom nom nom!! I have never heard of a cold smoker, either. Jon has fancied making a smoker so will keep this in mind. Plus the pud looks great!x

  7. Syrup sponge. How could you be so cruel when I am set on losing weight Dawn!!! My favourite pud and it looks delicious.

  8. How you cooked your fish is one of my favorite ways of having it, and just warm with bread is perfection.

  9. The pud and fish look yummy. Is there no end to your talents!! I'm so jealous!

  10. I been wanting to build a smoker but just haven't gotten around to it. Fish looks good!!!!

  11. The cold smoker sounds really interesting, I bet the garlic is amazing! x

  12. That's great Dawn, I'd love to know what you think of the smoked garlic when you both try it. It makes lovely garlic bread xx

  13. Our son Danny has done some smoked meats when he was in NZ, so I shall have to get him going in my kitchen. I love the idea of your smokery and well done - I bet the fish especially was gorgeous.

  14. It must be very satisfying to be able to do these things! Very tasty too!! xx

  15. Mrs Beeton!!! I will be digging her out for a read this weekend. Not sure where it is since we moved but I will find it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. I think I'm going to buy one of those cold smokers. That garlic looks great - how long will it keep like that for do you think?


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