Sunday 3 April 2016

Spring Has Officialy Arrived

Today for us spring has officially arrived,
What brought this about?
 Flash our tortoise is out of hibernation,
He is a week late but we need to get his new enclosure finished before we could wake him up.
Its always a worry has he made it, yes he has.
A couple of days and he will be out investigating his new area.
 His little house has been put in the corner of fruit cage,
positioned so he will get the morning sun.
 The fruit cage is now complete, we are both very happy with it.
Martin has fixed boards all around the bottom of the cage.
This is so he can strim the grass right up to the edge and not worry about cutting the netting with the strimmer.
 Look at this I noticed it today pushing its way up through the soil.
Our first Asparagus spear, hopefully more to come,
We can pick some of the spears this year, they are now three year old crowns.
Next year we can pick as much as we want.
 There are things popping up in the poly tunnel too.
Peas I sowed these the other week.
And look we have a space,
A young man came and collected the greenhouse today.
He is setting up in his own business.
An Edible Plant Nursery, I am pleased its gone to some-one who is going to use it well.
I have plans for this space.
Its going to become a cut flower bed, 
I will move all the gravel and use it else were
There has been membrane down for almost two years weeds will be gone,
It wont take much to get it workable.
Once we get the new poly tunnel up the small one in the photo will be dismantled
again its an area laid to gravel and membrane,
That area will be a medicinal grown plot.

As you can see in the side bar I have also set up an Etsy shop,
I did the craft fair yesterday and collected orders for dog cushions.
I thought I would give Etsy a go as well.

Martin had to go back tonight a short week end for him.
I totally throws me out when he changes his days.

Right off to watch The Durrels a new series starting tonight.


  1. Good morning Flash! Welcome to Spring 2016! Xx

  2. Glad to see Flash is well and out of hibernation.

  3. Our Asparagus bed is about 7 or 8 years old now and will more than likely have to be redone this year.

    So do you let the tortoise just wander around in the fruit pen section? That's kinda neat actually.

  4. Oh I LOVE asparagus! Hello to Flash and how lovely to have a but flower bed.x

  5. Durrell was brilliant, still funny. Glad Flash made it through winter, the dandelions should be up soon for food.

  6. My daughter got her tortoise up two weeks ago. She has two different breeds one that hibernates and the other Tha doesn't. Would love to grow asparagus but I'm impatient!!!

  7. Yay for Flash!!!! A tortoise waking up for spring has to be a good thing doesn't it!! Hope that your new polytunnel brings good results and your new shop too! xx

  8. Thanks for the chuckle....Flash the turtle :)


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