Wednesday 27 April 2016

One Sleep To Go

Yeah only one more sleep to go 
Tomorrow my big sister is coming for a visit
I haven't seen her for almost two years, 
they popped up for a visit just after we moved in 
I think they will see a lot of changes.
I am looking forward to catching up.

 The white stuff is interfering with my plans
 It throws it down then the sun comes out and it all vanishes
I am glad I delayed getting things planted out.
 Although with the weather putting a kibosh on outside jobs
It means I spend time in my cabin crafting.

Remember that rope
well I have started a project with it
 Yes I am making door mats, this one is nearly finished,
I will put details on my craft blog of how I am doing it.
 I have also been making new table mats not with the rope,
they need pressing yet.
So a lot of time spent crafting and housework
catching up on lots of little inside jobs  all those mundane things.
At least it get them out of the way.
Oh there is something else but I cant lift it out of the car by myself so I cant show you, 
It will wait for another post :-) 


  1. Dawn what a beautiful photo, second one down...of the snow with red flower...I'm rather relieved to see the rope rug...should be very hard wearing...have a lovely time with your sister...I don't see min enough, and I have five! x

    1. that was taken from my cabin window when I was sitting there sewing, the red flower is one I made from liquid resin years ago ;-)

  2. I haven't got a sister. Wish I had. Not snowing here, but darn cold for this time of year.

    1. Sun is out so far today hope it stays like that

  3. I see a fair bit of embroidery pop up on the blog, what machine do you use Dawn?

    1. Oh I have two machines now, a Brother Innovis 1250 my original machine and I recently got a Innovis V7 they are what I use to earn money they are both combination machine so I can switch them to normal sewing I also have an overlocker and 4 every day machines and two treadles you know that saying 2 is 1 and 1 is none thats me :-)

  4. I agree about the second photo, fab. We had a smattering of snow over night but clearing now. Put my growing bag of potatoes outside yesterday but when I went out to get logs in this morning I have put it back in the greenhouse!

  5. Dawn, check my blog as I have nominated you in the Liebster blog awards.x

  6. I love the rope door mats Dawn, they look great. I look forward to hearing how you made them. I'm fed up of these snow showers too, there's a real chill in the air. It's May next week! Have a lovely time with your sister :-)

  7. Beautiful photo. You are do clever turning your hand to anything and everything.

  8. Hard to believe it still is just April around here. We can still get frost until mid-May and snow in April but not this year I guess.

    You can call those rugs survival emergency rope rugs!!!

  9. Hi Dawn, I too have nominated you for the blog awards!

    I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated your for the Liebster Blog Awards. Please have a look at my latest blog post for more details!

    Em x

  10. As an only child, I will have to imagine the pleasure of having a much-loved sister come to visit. You have been keeping busy again - love the rope mats.

  11. I'm itching to plant, but it's going to be a couple more weeks. My brother is here for the weekend, so loads of family time.

  12. Dawn, your energy and enthusiasm astound me!
    The weather here is just too awful to do any outside jobs which are not essential.

  13. Hope you have a great visit with your sister and that the weather doesn't interfere with your plans! Snow isn't really what we need right now is it!


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