Thursday 19 February 2015

Repeling Invaders

Some one has set up home here in the hedge bank next to the poultry area
It appeared today, it wasn't there this morning, the netting is the electric netting that surrounds the poultry area
and whoever it is is stealing the eggs 
I think it may be a Mink or a Pole Cat, whatever it is we have to trap it and dispose of it.
Unfortunately it was raining so I couldn't see any foot prints.
Rain meant another day indoors, but I didn't waste it this time.
I set about blacking the log burner
After almost looks as good as new
It was a bit tedious to do but I am pleased with the results
next time I do it I will invest in a set of soft brushes, I think that would be lot easier to get into all the nooks and cranny's.
I did do some baking today as well, the usual bread two loafs today and a upside down plum cake
I have popped it back into the dish now its cooled and saving it for the week end.
I did also tidy bookcases and came across a couple of duplicate books so next week I am going to do a give way.
If anyone has any ideas on my invader please pass them on :-) 


  1. If your eggs are being nicked, the French way of checking if it's a pole cat type of creature, is to nail an apple onto the top of a fencing post near the chickens. If the apple is gone next morning, it'll be a pole cat. If it's just pecked, it's a bird eg jackdaw. The jackdaws here are so bold - they go into the hen house if they are hungry enough!

  2. Your woodburner looks inviting, and so does that lovely plum cake, looks so nice x

  3. I don't know anything about your egg thief, but I hope you can sort out the problem. The wood burner looks splendid after its blacking!! xx

  4. We had a polecat .. it had a couple of chickens before I could stop it .. lethal killers ..but do they burrow like that? I had an idea they would use existing burrows (rabbits etc. Dont really know .. good luck.

    Vicky x

  5. That's a badger digging I reckon. Just happens to be near your hens. Polecats will just appear across the land, looping like their kind do, often in broad daylight, and any hens with bite markes on their necks, are down to Polecats (and I presume Mink being related, kill in a similar fashion.) Don't know if the badgers would take eggs - the Polecats wouldn't bother, just go straight for the main course!

    Interesting about nailing an apple to a fencepost to see what predator you have.

  6. Your burner looks tip top after your hard work.



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