Monday 23 February 2015

Earning Opportunity's

I have decided to make a start on selling the shop stock, Martin has been bringing up stock from storage the past couple of weeks now I have storage in place at this end 
The metal storage shed I bought Martin has erected in the barn, so the stock is well protected from rodents and weather conditions.
I am only just starting to sort the stock that has arrived so far, Its going to be long process.
Yesterday I set up a sellers account on Amazon, and I have started listing items if anyone want to check it out here it is Craft Cart at some point I will upgrade my account and have a shop front on Amazon. I will continue to add stock as I go through it.
My next step is to book a couple tables at the next village sale in the hall and take along stock to sell direct to the public. 
There will be some used workshop stock as well that I will list on preloved.

I went down to the craft group this morning and had a very nice morning with the ladies, a visitor turned up at the group a lady who it seems has been looking for me, she heard on the grapevine that I use to do craft workshops and was looking for some tutoring for her friends and herself, she went away with a big list of what classes I could do and is going to consult with her friends, if I go ahead with this it would be private classes in my cabin, this could be a good little job for me earning a bit of pin money in a bit of spare time. 

That's been my chilly day summed up, all about earning opportunity's  :-) 


  1. It sounds as though there could be some exciting times ahead for you! I wish you well! xx

  2. Nice to get organised and sell stock you no longer need. I hope the classes work out for you.


  3. Sounds good. The more sources of income the better!

  4. the next village sale in the hall and take along stock to sell direct to the public...
    My brother does that in Norfolk with his photographs...
    but doesn't just stop at his local village hall...
    he does about a dozen craft fairs in easy reach...
    Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk...
    meets a lot of like minded people...
    and gets a lot of commissions that way, too...
    he finds it very productive...
    good luck!!


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