Tuesday 24 February 2015

Clearing The Boundaries

I had a wander around the boundaries this morning, taking note of the broken branches that have come down in the wind
There is a fair amount of broken branches sitting on the fences and they have to be cleared before the fences become damaged 

I have made a start pulling some of the branches off the fences
When I as out collecting animal feed I bought myself a nice 24" bow saw to help make the job easier
I was have a good walk around the top field,
Mr Mole has been busy up there
 Some lovely top soil mounds
This area I want to plant up with trees at some point in the future 
The lower half of the top field we need to get some fencing put across soon.
The baby alpacas have to be weaned next month so we need an area to put them were they are far enough away from there mothers. 
Tonight I am putting the new chooks into the big hen house so they can all live together, just waiting for them all to go to bed, then I can do a shuffle of accommodation then have a shower and dinner.


  1. I like the little folding saws and find I get on better with one of those than a bow saw for small branches.
    Fencing is one of those never ending jobs isn't it!

  2. It is all go with the animals right now then. All go with the wood cutting too! A bow saw is a good idea for this sort of thing isn't it. xx


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