Saturday 14 February 2015

Does My Bum Look Big In This

Kara had  a visit to the vet this morning and he gave her this present, 
I had noticed the past few days she kept licking her front paw but it was causing her to limp at all, this morning we had a good look at it and found a lump that didn't look like it should be there so off to the vet we went, it turned out it was a cyst but were she had constantly licked it she had caused a small ulcer on it, so its steroid ointment, antibiotics and a lampshade for the next five
days then a return visit next week-end.
Wandering around feeling sorry for herself, Odd Job was taking a lot of interest in her 
He looked like he was snickering at her :-)
Tonight we are having fish and chips, Martin has just gone to get them, we don't do the valentine stuff anymore, we leave it to the young loved up ones.
I did get some of the soft fruit bushes planted out today an finished off a raised bed so that is ready for planting up now.
I spent a bit of time down in the cabin as well while Martin was doing some logging.
That about sums up our day here.


  1. Oh poor Kara! We don't make a big fuss of Valentine day either but Mike did cook a nice meal. Hope you enjoyed your fish & chips. x

  2. Aww bless, she does look fed up bless her x

  3. Oh, poor Kara!! I hope that she is much better soon. Hope you enjoyed your fish and chips - nothing wrong with that as a valentines dinner you know! xx

  4. I like a fish and chip dinner but have not found a good one here so far. I wait until I visit James and have them in Cardigan, they are very good. Poor Kara, my Spaniels all had one of those at various times and all were very down in the mouth over it.


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