Monday 9 February 2015

Attacked From Above

Went to the craft club this morning on my return everything seemed very quiet in the poultry area, no-birds in sight very unusual, I changed into my boots and went to investigate
lots of feathers and no birds in sigh my heart sank, I looked in the house of the new chooks as they are in a closed run and they were all huddled together, looked in the duck house and they were all in there huddled up together, looked in the big hen house and there was only 2 residents huddled up in the same nest box, one was missing, I looked in the bachelor pad were Gizmo resides and he was in there and with him was the missing hen covered in blood, I lifted her out and she had a lacerations on her back, I gave her a clean up and sprayed her purple antiseptic
All the birds seemed traumatised and didn't come out for several hours, I can only assume there was an attack from a buzzard or kite, both we have round here all the time, as bantams are small they would be seen as easy prey, we will now have to see about making a closed in run to protect the chooks. She seems fine now and is back in with her sisters. 
Yesterday was  fab day with sunshine, I had intended to go down the cabin to do some crafting but changed my plans to make the most of the sunshine, I moved all the pots of fruit trees down to the bee area were they will be planted, there are 14 fruit trees, the bees were active so that is good.
Martin cleared out the Alpaca shelters and put in fresh straw for them, I got my new peach tree planted into a pot were i intend to keep it.
I then made a start painting the fence with preservative
 I got this section done, there is about another 90m to do then the other side
  This is what I am using its £6.99 for 4 Lt, I have worked out I need 20 containers in total,
Now I have the first corner painted I can make a start working on a border and getting some planting done, I have some shrubs and climbers waiting to go into that area.
While I was painting the fence Martin was painting the house
We are doing away with the dull grey colour and brightening it all up with a creamy buttermilk colour, there s enough grey with the stone walls and slate roof. 
I have a friend coming on Wednesday for a couple of days to do a bit of work for us, then hopefully at the week end we another friend coming up to do a few jobs for us, we have also arranged for local handy an to finish off the back wall of the open barn that is to be Martins workshop, bit like buses they all come at once.


  1. I shouldn't be a buzzard as we've loads around here and I've never had a problem.
    You're getting jobs done so quickly you're making me look bad! I've been here three years and it doesn't feel like I've got as much done!

    1. I am sure you have loads done Kev, I keep telling Martin he needs to book a long holiday from work so we can get lots of the big projects done out of the way :-)

  2. A very busy weekend at your house then! I hope that the birds will be alright after their fright. Not nice at all. xx

    1. The birds will be fine I am sure perhaps I will have to put Kara outside with them but I dont think she will be much use :-) just lick it to death

  3. Sorry to hear about the hen-attack. Poor loves, they must have been very traumatised. It's all going great guns at your place. I can remember the initial enthusiasm here (mainly over house restoration, as this place was a wreck when we took it on) - make the most of it!

    I thought I had posted yesterday, but obviously lost it somehow. I wrote asking if you had discovered the monthly auctions at Ffairfach, Llandeilo yet? They have big poultry sales - though don't buy in May, as that is always the most expensive because everything is laying. They have a deadstock sale out in the field too - all sorts of useful (and just plain rubbish) things turn up there. Under cover they have a sort of junky house clearance sale, and there's also an equally junky car boot sale. Last Saturday of the month, and worth checking out.

    1. Yes you did post it yesterday its not lost :-) thanks for the info I have marked it on the calender and hopefully will get there end of the month deadstock might be interesting as well there is lots of bits we are on the look out for :-)

  4. Glad to hear your chucks are OK, I kept chickens in the 70's until a fox got in. It's heart breaking, we never had to watch the skies.

  5. I agree with Kev that's it's unlikely to be a buzzard.
    You're putting me to shame with all the work you're doing!

  6. I live not to far from you and have had chickens taken by buzzards a few times.
    I have been in my garden twice when it has happend and managed to save one.

  7. Oh, and meant to say, watch out for Polecats (and possibly Mink too, though you're a fair way from the river). We had more trouble with Polecats than Foxes and would see them looping across the paddock in broad daylight . . . They were the reason we gave up having chickens as they got through the tiniest gap in any housing.


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