Sunday 23 April 2017

Using What we Have Got

Our meals are based on what we have in the freezer or cupboard, what is growing in the garden and what can be foraged
Just some of this weeks meals

 Omelette's, eggs we have plenty of and are  year round staple
Bacon and mushroom for me made with our bacon, reared and cured by us
Wild garlic omelet for Martin, wild garlic is very prolific around here.
The other evening it was meatballs and pasta
 Most of the ingredients are home produced, bottled tomatoes that were grown and bottled last summer, cider apple vinigar, lemon juice from one of our home grown lemons, brown sugar that I make up from white sugar and molasses, onions from the store, meatballs from our own lamb.
 I forgot to take a photo when it came out of the oven, but here are the two extra portions that have gone in the freezer for a later date,

last night was roast chicken jacket potatoes with a garden stir fry
Asparagus, young swiss chard leaves, wild sorrel, garlic and a few mushrooms left in the fridge.

I love the fact that most of what we eat has no air miles or chemicals. Best of all we eat seasonaly and look forward to what ever is next to harvest.
The goats don't get left out either
a bucket of goat salad to go with there dinner in the evening, made up from what I forage, willow bay, chickweed, comfrey, honeysuckle, young elder leaves, dandelion, sorrel now they have kids to feed they need all the goodness they can get.



  1. You forgot to say how much better everything taste as well.
    You both work so very hard, it lovely to read a post like this and know youi have your rewards as well.

  2. Delicious and fresh looking meals Dawn. We have plenty of wild garlic here too. It's a tasty addition at this time of year. X

  3. Fab, that is wonderful, such a range. (Just what we are looking forward to so much more than last year.) Mmmm, and that flatbread of yours is yummy!

  4. Just happened onto your blog via Five-On-Friday. I love reading about living the type of life you do. Deep down my soul longs to live off the land, but since we don't the next best thing is reading about people like you who do.

  5. A lovely post.....makes me miss the days of smallholding and a plateful of homemade. Oh well.

  6. The new blog name is absolutely right. You put John Seymour to shame! You are eating very well, and you couldn't have a better selection of food than your smallholding is supplying. Everything looks really tasty.

  7. Hi Dawn :)) I think it's so wonderful that you can eat from your own land and farm. Martin's omelet looks very HARDY! :)) We are slowly and gradually moving towards self sufficiency, though I don't think we'll every get there 100%. It might be an issue for meats. But I am hoping to get most if not all veggies, fruits, herbs, eggs and milk products from our homestead in the future. For now I'm working on the veggies and herbs! :)

  8. How satisfying to have a plate of food grown and provided by yourselves, it all looks delicious xx

  9. Great post Dawn! I love to see what others are eating from their homegrown goodness. And I love the term "goat salad." Mine get it almost every day too, but goat salad sounds better than "greens for the goats." :)

  10. Love the egg recipes! I am starving now after reading this!


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