Thursday 6 April 2017

Happy Times and Sad Fraught Times

Yesterday morning Thelma kidded😀
Triplets 😀
 When I got there she had just had the last one,
was busy licking them all and helping them to there feet
 I hung around and watched that they got that important first feed
 Thelma is a good mum and knew what to do
 Thelma has 2 boys and a girl, all doing well.
Now the sad bit
Helen started kidding yesterday evening, 
Things were not going well, I called the vet out
Vet is also called Helen managed to get the first kid out, very premature and it didnt make it
second kid out with assistance and it was full term
Vet explained its a double ovulation, she came into heat again after conceiving hence the prem kid.
Helen wasnt having anything to do with the kid who was very weak and tired after a traumatic delivery
I brought it up to the house and got it under the heat lamp, took some milk off Helen and managed to tube the little one
 It perked up a after a few hours and wanted to suckle
 with the help of my neighbour Senior C took the little doe back to Helen so it could suckle which it did a little
This morning first thing I ended up bringing it back to house now under the heat again, Helen just isnt managing with it, I am going to tube it again, I am not holding out much hope of it surviving 


  1. Oh Dawn I'm so sorry for the little one you lost and the one you are now doing so much for. I DO hope the baby comes round with your care and attention.

  2. If anyone can help her through, you can. Thinking of you. Hoping the other 3 are Mum are fit and healthy still.

  3. Poor Helen and poor kids! Absolutely everyone will be willing baby on to make it. Fingers crossed!

  4. Oh heck, can you get colustrom replacement and milk powder and persuade it to bottle feed.

  5. Come on little baby....fingers, toes and everything else crossed here for you-x-

  6. That's not the news I wanted to here, I keep Goats myself and no how stressful and intelligent they can be. The kid is good hands though. fingers crossed.

  7. Oh dear...but such is life sometimes...fingers crossed. x

  8. Oh Dawn, that is very sad to hear. That little one is adorable, I hope it survives, you're doing all you can. But I must congratulate you on Thelma's kidding too!

  9. Oh, I do hope this little one survives. X

  10. If the little fellow has any chance, it's with your care, everything crossed here.

  11. Poor Helen. She must be feeling very sore and confused. I didn't know they could come into heat again despite being pregnant already. I hope you can manage what Sue suggested. I know you will do your best anyway.

  12. What fantastic news for Thelma and how sad for the other kids. I hope Helen's kid can hang in there xx

  13. Hang in there little goat! And you, too, Dawn. I'm sure you're doing everything you can.

  14. My mom used to milk the mother & keep the kid in the laundry basket near the wood stove. We all took turns feeding the baby with a bottle. Sometimes another mom will foster it but not very often.

  15. Sorry to hear this, I hope that all will be well.

  16. What a worrying time. I hope that there's good news on your blog later today!! Jx


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