Thursday 13 April 2017

Lots Of Buds And New Life

My foot is a lot better and providing I am wearing the support brace then walking isn't so bad, the bruising has all come out now and I have a lovely rainbow foot.
I took Sol and Tess over the fields and paid a visit to our little woodland to see how the new trees are coming on.

 Lots of buds and lots of leaves, its fantastic to see all the new baby trees burst into life 
The daffodils on Daffodil Alpaca's grave are blooming
The wild garlic planted on Kara's grave are all growing well
talking of graves we have a new one, the little weak kid (Hope) that didn't make it has been buried  beside the shed, on her grave I have planted a Hop rhizome

 It is just a root at the moment with a few buds, I hope to train it up over the shed, The Hop is called Fuggle, I have never grown one before and don't know how well it will do here.
Our super slimmer has discovered
 She can now wiggle under some of the gates, the gates she can get under only lead to another paddock, there is no way she can get off the ranch, this gate is on the way to the goat field, she thinks she should go everywhere I go, she is not allowed into the goats while they have kids. Once through this gate she cannot get any further and has to wait for me to come back.
Talking of goats, all the kids are thriving 
Connie had 1 doe called Bunty and 2 bucklings
And now all spend there time outdoors, 
And chicks have started arriving, we have 5 so far.
Hope you all have a good Easter, I have my sister and brother in law arriving tomorrow for the week end.
Martin is due home tonight I am looking forward to a few days rest.



  1. Ouch, a rainbow foot. Thanks for taking us on this tour, the goats are cuties.

  2. It looks like a busy time for you. Enjoy your rest and have a lovely Easter with your family. Hope the foot is better soon. X

  3. So nice to see everything thriving Dawn.
    Love that little chick.
    Hope your foot continues to heal well.
    Have a lovely weekend-x-

  4. So sorry to hear about you accident hope your foot recovers soon. Lovely to see your expanding family of animals and the beginnings of new life in the woodland. Although i set seeds every year i never tire of the excitement of seeing root and shoots for the first time. X

  5. Good to hear your foot's getting easier, hopefully the bruising will fade soon too. What a tiny chick, so much cuter when they're fluffy xx

  6. Everyone looks healthy and well. Enjoy the Easter break.

  7. HI Dawn! :) You take such great photos, I loved seeing them all! How I wish I had some daffodils to gaze at right now. My beets are sprouting so I'll gaze at those lol...beautiful ideas to plant something on the grave sites. I'm glad the rest of the flock is thriving, I love the photo of the little chick! And your dog is adorable! :)

  8. The trees are looking good and the kids are lovely

  9. Happy easter Dawn, hope your foot continues to get better and you have a lovely time with family.


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