Thursday 20 April 2017


Five new things from this week I haven't shared with you yet,

1:- New blog name, did you spot it, the old one and old links still work, I just wanted a change, I also wanted it as a proper web address rather than blog address easier to remember. I can also do more with it, that's a few ideas for the future when time permits.

2:- We had some wild sorrel the other day
we had it wilted on new potatoes with bacon and egg flan our own home produced bacon and eggs , with purple sprouting broccoli from the garden,  raw sorrel tastes a little like apple peel, wilted it seems to take on a lemon taste, it was nice and free, there is lots of young sorrel about at the moment

3:- The kids got a couple of new toys
 Courtesy of BT they were at last replacing the telephone cable that runs up our drive they found 4 breaks in it, I asked for the empty reels, the kids love them I am going to get Martin to run a log across them, the kids are growing fast and today on my list is a call to the vet to arrange de-horning and castration of the bucks.

4:- The pigs got a new water trough
 The old trough that was fixed in place they kept ripping down and tossing it around there run, I got fed up of retrieving fixing it in place and re-filling it, when you do it 5-6 times a day you have to come up with an alternative, I filled the big trough for them for a couple of days it was fine then they had fun tipping it over and rolling it around there run, it took a lot of water to fill it each time, so yesterday I filled it with lumps of concrete and then filled it with water, so far they haven't tipped it over lets see how long it lasts.

5:- The chicks get a new more grown up feeder and water dispenser
They growing up fast and out grew they feeding dish, they are also starting to get there first feathers, they spend time away from the heat lamp, I have moved the heat lamp up a bit higher, as they get older the lamp will be switched to low during the day and high at night, then it will be no heat during the day and low at night, there food and water will work its way down the brooder too.

I am linking up with Tricky and Carly over at Fast Blog for five on friday follow the link and have a look at some new blogs that you may not have come across before.


  1. Lovely new stuff for a new season. The kids look very happy on their new cable drums.

  2. I like the sound of sorrel....I've never tried it.
    Lovely to see the kids playing-x-

  3. I've swapped your name in my blog list. The cable drums are just right for the kids, should keep them from jumping on their poor mums for a while!

  4. Ooh great post. Loving the kids on their new toy! Love the idea of a plate full of all homegrown and raised food, never tried sorrel. Funny you should have changed your blog name; I have been considering a change because we ARE now living the reality properly and think I should think beyond the now. I'll leave it a bit - imitation isn't always the sincerest form of flattery!

  5. Arh it's great seeing the kids at play, they seem very happy with their new toy. Sounds great producing your own food and enjoying it, I love cooking. All the best. Cathy x

  6. I noticed your new blog name the other day Dawn, I did the same thing. I got a domain name instead of having a blog address, for future possibilities as well! But it's kind of fun too :)

    The goats look so cute on those reels! I don't think I've ever had sorrel before, funny the difference in taste if it's raw or wilted. It's nice a good supply of things you really enjoy eating!

    And thanks for the link! I'm going to check out those blogs! :)

  7. Happy goats, chicks and pigs ... start off spring happy! Happy Friday!

  8. I am going to have to change my side bar, but that is quite alright. I love the new name.

    God bless.

  9. I haven't been over before but thoroughly enjoyed your post.


  10. First time on your blog ! Very nice the reels for playing ! Would be nice garden table too !

  11. Great Idea with the pics water trough, harder to tip over and takes less water (and therefore time and money) to fill it up if they do :)


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