Tuesday 4 April 2017

Its Good When Things Work Out

 Using up some left overs for dinner,
Martin had a bottle of beer he didn't like, Banana Bread Beer, it had a slight taste of bananas a fruit he hates with a passion, I thought I would combine it so odds and ends, there was a scraping of wholegrain mustard left in the jar and the same for the bbq sauce, the jar and bottle were swished out with the beer to get all the dregs out

 one lonely celery plant in the poly tunnel donated a few stalks,
all with some garlic potatoes onions and a packet of diced beef found in the bottom of the freezer
 all browned off into a casserole dish and popped into the bottom of the Rayburn to simmer away all day.
 I took up the last of the leeks, some will get sliced and int the freezer but freezer space is tight so most will be sliced and dehydrated easier to store
 Martin was taking stuff down to the bonfire site having a good clear up Tess joined in and caught a ride in the trailer
 Sol will go in the trailer but as soon as it moves he leaps out
Doggie weigh in this week, 
Sol has put on 600g
Tess has lost 1.6kg 
I spent the rest of the day weeding the flower borders
And at the end of the day dinner was cooked ready to be served up a very tasty meal with no hint of banana, there was enough left over for Martin to take a dinner back with him 👍


  1. Waste not want now in all things, fab.

  2. Sounds delicious. Sol and Tess are doing well xx

  3. Hi Dawn :) Your leeks look great! That's a crop I'm thinking about for my winter garden this year. And your stew too, I'm in an empty-the-freezer challenge for April and I need to get creative. The dogs are adorable :)

  4. Now I,m feeling very hungry ! :)

  5. Hi Dawn, just wondering if your goats have kids yet. Keep up the interesting blog.

  6. A great use for banana bread beer!

  7. i love how you used up the banana beer! the stew looks hearty and delicious - yum! i have never grown leeks but i am thinking of trying to grow a few this year - mostly to see if we like them. those dogs riding around in the trailer look like my cats - fat and too lazy to walk - bahahahah!

    sending love. your friend,

  8. I bet that tasted good.....it certainly looks good-x-

  9. I am with Martin. That just sounds like something that never should have been created in the first place.

  10. Good idea on the leeks I might do that this week with the ones I've got left!

  11. Love using the last of everything - very creative :)

  12. What a great sounding dinner! Glad that the doggies are doing well!

  13. Tasty! Dogs are such funny creatures sometimes with what they will and won't do. x

  14. I'm with Martin on bananas, but banana bread beer? That sounds really yucky, LOL. Good save on it all. You're my kind of gal.


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