Sunday 2 April 2017

Getting Down And Dirty

Its been a glorious day in the sunshine, 
perfect for getting down and dirty
emptying the last of the compost bin into the poly tunnel.
 packed full of worms and goodness, this compost was for the tomato and cucumber bed
 It seemed like the magic porridge pot and took forever to empty the compost bin 
Now it ready for the next bin to be turned into it, then bin number 1 which is now full can be turned into bin 2, we will then have an empty bin to start all over again.

 I got the netting up for the peas, these peas are tall ones and they are growing away.
 A barrow load of sand got dug into the parsnip bed and the first of the parsnips are now sown
 Same in the carrot bed another barrow of sand dug in and the first three rows of carrots are sown
 I got some sweetcorn sown in the poly tunnel, I have put them straight into the ground this time instead of starting them in pots.
 I have also done the same with melons, each seed station is under one of the domes.
 The grape vines in the poly tunnel are just breaking bud.
this year I am going to keep on top of them and reduce the bunches of fruit, going for quality rather than quantity.

There is still veggies to harvest

 Purple sprouting broccoli, harvested some for tonight's dinner, there is loads there to harvest and this week I think they will have to picked before they go over.

 There is Beetroot that was grown over winter, I cooked some up this evening.
To have with a home grown meal, goat chops that were slow roasted so much so the meat just fell off the bone, with broccoli and mash and a side dish of beetroot.
Baby dove is coming on well, fully feathered now and wanders to the front of the nest box, we pop a little dish of seeds into the nest box and the baby has just started taking some seeds for itself, the parents are still feeding it as well, it must be nearly time to fledge as it keeps flapping its wings, I just hope the Buzzard stays away.
I hope you have all been out enjoying the sunshine. 🌞



  1. It's all looking incredibly neat and tidy.
    Well done little dove for making it this far. I really hope that buzzard keeps away.
    Plain cooked beetroot....just yummy. I don't mind it with vinegar but I love it so much more just cooked as it is-x-

  2. Hi Dawn :) Your supper looks soooo good!!! It's nice to see how you work your garden and all of the protection you've put into place. I have a lot to learn still. That's a wonderful compost set up too! We had a nice sunny day today, I can't wait to play in the dirt!! :)

  3. Lovely post Dawn. We were so grateful for fab weather this weekend, too. It is so satisfying to make your own compost? (Thank you again for the bin you gave me; I am transferring my muck today so I can get the second one started.) My climbing peas, I think, need to go out very soon as they are a good 5 inches tall in the poly house drainpipe. Wonderful you are still harvesting veg to go with you own meat. Hope those kids arrive for you soon.

  4. We had good weather for the weekend also! It was nice to be able to hang out laundry and watch the goats play.

  5. I've still never tried goat! Purple sprouting for tea here tonight as well, not sure what with yet though! Love your compost. Need to turn mine into he next bin really. Over flowing and nettles have taken hold on top. I'll have to sheet them over.
    I like your root beds as well. Not sure I'm going to grow parsnips this year or not, I've sowed some root parsley instead so far but I might get some in.

  6. Still no kids? Your meal looks and sounds lovely xx

  7. Glad to hear that the little dove is doing well! You will have another great year of growing by the looks of things!

  8. It's all coming together isn't it? To think this time a few weeks ago there was little to do (seed wise) - we're well and truly up and running now. Interesting to see your direct sowing, I hope you get great germination rates. I'll be moving to direct sowing in the next week or 2 for a lot of things and get the final indoor sowings done over this month too for the main harvests. I must not get caught up in the now and forget to plan for autumn and winter though.
    I am so pleased the dove made it this far and fingers crossed the buzzard has other things to do.
    Your compost looks amazing! Excellent stuff


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