Thursday 6 April 2017

Quick Ranch Update

The little kid this morning is still alive 36hrs on, 
Yesterday morning I tubed it again, at lunch time it had perked up enough to suck a little colostrum  from a bottle,
I have been drawing off colostrum from the mama, its best she has what her mother can provide.
She really needed to get back beside her mum as the longer they are apart the more chance there is of rejection by the mother.
With the help of my lovely neighbour I took the kid back to her mother and helped her suckled for a very short time, we set up the heat lamp in the corner of mums stall, brought over some straw bales to put round the corner of the pen to keep out draughts
and settle little one there, she cant really stand although tries,
I went back 2 hours later and helped her suckle again 
 It then been a repeat performance up until 11pm when I went to bed.
Each feed takes about half an hour kneeling down in pooey straw, my thighs are aching and my shoulders, we are not out of the woods by a long shot, the kid seems to wait to poo on me every time, but is poo is coming out then something is going in.
Helen is being very good, she lays on her side and exposes her udder so I can put little one on her, each small feed she is getting a little stronger, she was left with mum overnight and when I checked at 6am she is still with us. I am just about to go out and do another feed.
Thelma and her triplets are doing grand and today I will let her out with them as they are now very mobile and getting mischievous.
Connie still hasn't kidded and is happy laying around in the sun exposing her very wide girth.
Another bit of news.
Baby Dove fledged this morning just before 6am
Its hanging around among the daffodils under the dovecot, the parents are watching from the house roof, they will feed it on the ground for a few days as it finds its wings.
Right must go things to do and animals to feed.



  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for the little kid - you are doing a great job there with it.

  2. That's some much needed good news this morning. Lovely photograph of the baby Dove in the Daffodils. X

  3. Glad to hear that things are picking up, I hope it continues that way!

  4. Hope the good news about the poorly kid continues. Well done with ALL the hard work feeding it. Great to see the baby dove!

  5. Good news about the little kid. Let's hope she continues to do well - your hard work in caring for her is admirable! (She's been on my mind all the time!!)

  6. If it's anything like lambs then I'd say you might be alright if she's feeding. If a lambs mouth was cold inside or it got its head back then your chances were slim. I used to spend days trying to save lambs when I was a kid, we made up some metal bars that a lamb could fit through and a ewe could to jeep them away from the heat lamp to prevent a fire. Although I'm sure the lamps have come on a bit since then, the used to get red hot!

  7. Aw Dawn, what a lovely, kind person you are. Doing exactly what baby needs from you right now. My hat is off to you and I hope dearly that this little one grows strongly, quickly. Have a lovely weekend

  8. Well done for your efforts with the baby goat....and I hope she continues to thrive.

  9. Thanks for the update. Early days yet but it's sounding a bit more hopeful than yesterday. I hope she will pull through - and keep up the good work. You'll be glad when Martin's home I'm sure.

  10. Hi Dawn! :) This post makes me HAPPY! What a relief! That little kid is too are wonderful for taking such great care of all your animals. And yay for the dove! :) I hope you have time for a long hot bath at some point soon to help you aching muscles!!!

  11. Thank ou for the update. The dove picture is very cool.

  12. I'm so pleased to hear about the kids progress.xx


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