Wednesday 22 March 2017

Dogs And Doves Update

Doves are doing well raising there young
two weeks old 
They are growing at a rate on knots and now feathering up
Still ugly though but there mum loves them.
Mum is leaving them more and more. Another couple of weeks and they will fledeg.
I must get out the step ladder and get some better photos.
Monday mornings is now our doggie weigh in day
Tess weighed in at  32.9kg down 1.1kg total loss to date 6.7kg
Sol weighed in at 33.5kg he has lost 200g instead of putting on.
The weight loss to Tess has made such a difference, her mobility and breathing is a lot better.
She still has issues with back leg weakness when she over does it
like the other day coming in from outside those legs went right in the door way 
Martin had to slide her across so we could shut the door
He was then trying to dry her off 
 Her tail is wagging all the time
   She is such a funny dog, we move her bed beside her roll her into it then move the bed with her inside back to its place, there she stays tail wagging until her legs have recovered.
She loves going out in the car and whenever the opportunity arises she is there trying to get in, she has been here a month now we have learnt how to get round her deafness, yes she is extra work but we love her to bits.
Yesterdays weather was very mixed, sunshine, sleet, hail snow rain and wind a bit of everything.



  1. Bless Tess!Love the picture of her and Martin.

  2. I'm so glad that the babies are going strong.
    The picture of Martin and Tess is just lovely-x-

  3. A great photo of Tess and Martin. It's great that you're giving a loving home to older animals. Jx

  4. Tess and Sol are so very lucky, and you are wonderful to see they can be beautiful family pets.

  5. Martin and Tess are so cute together! One of our rescues, Jack, the little one, he came to us weighing 52 pounds and over the first year with us, he lost 24 pounds and he's got so much more energy and walks better. And Tess is deaf? I had a deaf pug for 10 years, he lost his hearing at age 9. It was a challenge but I learned a few tricks. I would blow on him to get his attention. Or I'd stomp the floor louder so he could feel the vibration, knowing that someone was coming - oh, he was blind too. Dogs are so sweet :)

  6. She is such a lucky girl to have found a lovely family
    Alana x


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