Thursday 9 March 2017

Aching Muscles

That's me this evening aching muscles all over including my buttocks,
 I have spent the day working outside soaking up Vitamin D,
I finished moving compost into the beds of the poly tunnel,
Set up the potato bed
 I used the spent compost from the mushroom bed
 First lot of potatoes now in
More seeds have been sown
 Turnip, Lettuce, Bulb Fennel
I had a clear up in the tool shed, It was getting on my pip not being able to find things, Martins lobster pots were blocking the way I have now evicted them so I can get in the shed again.
 There was only a few broken pots to throw out.
With all the walking back and forth
 I have done just under 9 miles, no wonder my legs ache.
Had a couple of delivery's today 
A plug and play humidity controller
 And an electric dehumidifier
These are to be set up in the wine cooler, to turn it into a meat curing cabinet, The Serrano Ham will be moving in there at the week end.
I cooked myself a curry for dinner, I am just about to have a cuppa then it will be bed for me.


  1. You need a Badedas bath-x-

  2. I am half jealous that I no longer have that amount of garden work and half pleased as punch that I don't. I enjoy seeing and hearing what other gardeners are doing and then sigh with relief that I have about 1/10th of the work to do.

  3. Wow I try for 10,000 steps each day and often fall short, days in the garden always adds loads more steps, even in our small plot. I do like a tidy shed.

  4. 9 all that stretching and wonder your legs ached. I hope that you feel better now!! Jx

  5. It's no wonder you're aching, I wouldn't be able to do so much, not yet at least :D

  6. Keeping you fit I see!
    I do like your potato bed :)

  7. Good job on the steps. I like your potato bed, too. How deep is it and how spaced are your seed spuds? I ask as I am needing to find extra growing space/containers as I have a LOT of Maris Piper for when the maincrop spuds are ready to go in.

  8. Bet your feet tingle when you get into bed! x

  9. Looks good! Now I think I need a potting table in my hoop house! It would sure help!


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