Wednesday 22 March 2017

Potting On Pottering

It was time to pot on the tomato plants

 The roots were starting to come out of the bottom of there starter pots, they also have there true leaves now
A few of the peppers needed potting on as well
 I sowed some more sweet peas, the tops got pinched out of the young sweet pea plants, there are all going to be planted in the cut flower area, I love the scent of sweet peas and I hope by staggering there growing I will have some to pick later in the season.
The dogs and me headed over the fields to do some foraging for the goats, Brambles and Ivy, when the goats went in this evening I did some hoof trimming, I haven't been taking enough off, I have been watching a few you tube videos on hoof trimming and gave them a good manicure this evening, there hoofs are easy to trim in the evening as they soften up after being on damp grass.
they also got a good brush down, Connie who is on the right in the photo has a long coat, while brushing her I noticed the hair on her hind quarters is a bit matted, a hair cut is in order I think as she is due any time so the sooner her hair is cut the better, I remember the mess she got into last time she kidded and had to be shampooed down and a hair cut.
This morning didn't start well, the rouge buzzard is back and had one of the doves, fortunately it was the lone dove and not one of the parents but still a sad loss.
There was also another loss I don't know when it happened
we only have one baby dove in the nest, some time in the last few days one must have died and the parents removed it from the nest.
 I managed to get a good photo of the survivor, still ugly.
Today's eggs from the chickens got set in the incubator
21 days and we should have some chicks.
 More seeds have been sown, these are in the heated propagator 
Cucumbers and Squashes, they need a bit of bottom heat to help them germinate.
 The sideboard in the lounge is filling up
 I also have a couple of mushroom kits on the go
 There is lots of young ones coming on
 One of them is more in a rush than the others
Chestnut mushrooms this time.
The poly tunnels got a good soaking today in readiness for planting,  the sun was shining at it was a lovely day for being outside, although the ground was still very wet after after the downpours snow and hail over the last 24hrs.
We are getting more good days weather wise than bad days and spring is on the way properly now.


  1. You're right, the young doves are ugly as sin! I really must get planting more, I seem to spend all my time waiting for space in the heated propogator, perhaps I should just get another one and have done with it

  2. Oh no....those poor doves. It's so sad.

    I think our spring must have a busted sat

  3. I have quite a few plants to pot on, I can not touch the garden it is a sodden mess after the last downpour. It's time will come and I will be torn in all directions. Sad about the dove losses, birds of prey are a bane to anyone with small animals and birds.

  4. Sorry about the dove baby - the free-flying one seemed to have Free Meal stamped all over it!

    You are well in advance with your seeds and growing. I've not sown one seed yet so need to give myself a good shake. That said, the ground is so wet out there and we had a hard frost last night, and I am waiting for a new plastic greenhouse cover before I can set that up, so that's my excuse!

  5. So sorry about the Dove. I'm growing sweet peas, too, and can't wait for the ones that grow in a bush type way so I can have them in a planter at the front door. The mushrooms are coming on nicely. Jon is going to try and get some good hard, wood from the sawmill so we can try and grow them outside?

  6. Hi Dawn, I'm sorry about you losing the little dove...that's sad to hear.

    Your plants look so lovely. I've never seen the process of mushroom growing before! I'm eager to start planting as well, but we still have snow, least I can still mother my lemon tree and chives until spring is really here :)

  7. Need to pot on my tomatoes as well, job for the weekend. I'll give it a few more weeks before I sow squash and cucumbers though as not that much under cover growing space.
    Trimming feet is never a fun job. Blinking sheep are always lame!

  8. Poor dove, but at least one seems to be thriving, it's not the prettiest is it! I love sweet peas too, they smell wonderful, sounds like you'll have plenty xx

  9. Sorry about the dove but pleased you have one survivor to grow on regardless. Good to see what you're growing. Apart from the peppers you sent me, none of mine have germinated. I'm gutted. I think I will buy some plug plants to plug the gap. Hoping for kids soon :)


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