Saturday 25 March 2017

Parsley And Wild Garlic

The other day I cut back loads of Parsley in the poly tunnel
 I decided to dehydrate it or most of it, I don't freeze herbs as they take up room in the freezer and I think thy lose some of there flavours.
I did one tray in the bottom oven of the Rayburn 
 It came out fine and had good colour although it took longer to dry out.
 I did five trays in the dehydrator
Now I had a jar of parsley in the cupboard that I bought last year while waiting for mine to grow
 The above picture is shop bought dried parsley
 This picture above is oven dried parsley
 This photo above is the parsley from the dehydrator 
in comparison the shop stuff is brown and doesn't have that parsley smell, compared to the parsley I have done.
 The shop stuff is now on the compost heap and I re-used the jar for my own, it looks a lot fresher.
 I picked a load of wild garlic yesterday (Ramsons) I have set 5 trays in the dehydrator, I thought it might be nice sprinkled on dinners, when thinks are dehydrated the flavour and colour intensifies.
Will report back on it later.


  1. I've got to invest in a new dehydrator soon. Mine just isn't up to it. I dried some safe in the greenhouse but to be honest it's not a herb I use a lot anyway (that's why I dug up the plants)

  2. That's really interesting looking at the difference between shop bought & home made dried herbs - it confirms my opinion that much of the shop stuff is of inferior quality. The dried wild garlic should be great sprinkled on food or in cooking.

  3. We manage to have parsley all year round outside in our herb garden, it's a sheltered spot. I love to dry our own herbs.

  4. I really must bring home my dehydrator and get motivated. x

  5. Hi Dawn :) Wow, what a difference in the parsley. I found the same thing last summer when I dehydrated my little harvest and compared it to the dull flavour-less store bought herb. I love having fresh parsley in the house though, but mine didn't make it over the winter. I still have half a jar from last summer though. Have a great weekend!

  6. The shop bought one looks shocking doesn't it?
    Like something swept up off the floor-x-

  7. I so need to find even a small dehydrator!

  8. I love my dehydrators and have started to dehydrate veggies as well as my herbs.

    God bless.

  9. Are your Rampsons the same plant as the Ramps that grow here in the Appalachians. I just wondered as I was raised in England and did not remember them. They are just coming into season here and are sold alongside the roads and there are also several Ramp Festivals. Ramps in with pan fried potatoes are very popular. On the dehydrating, putting your herbs in the closet over the water, or in a gas oven with a pilot light will work till you can get a dehydrator. My favorite thing to dry is bananas, you can usually buy them in quantity pretty cheap . Thank you for the blog I do enjor reading it.


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