Monday 4 June 2018

Something Fishy Going On

Its been a busy couple of weeks and the sun continues to shine.
Bank Holiday week end saw us take delivery of something special

 The aquaponic tank was getting a delivery of fish 
Water test was done and everything was perfect for our arrivals.
we still had some resident crayfish in the tank and goldfish were there, the tank was ready to go.

Our new arrivals, Unable to get the trout we settled on Tilapia fingerlings,  not the best of photos but they are only small and very fast so its difficult to get a proper photo of them, a week on and there is a difference in there size already, all being well by Autumn we should have them at table size.
 The growing bed has exploded into growth
 A few carnivorous plants have been added to help with pest control. 
Another bit of fishy news
Martin has been away this week end with his boat on a diving trip to N.Wales
He got home last night with some additions
 Spider Crabs
 And some brown crabs that they had already cooked but were left over from there lunch. 
It was always part of the plan Martin would use his boat to supplement our diet.
Foraging at its best.
When we were viewing smallholdings we specifically wanted to be within easy traveling of the sea. 
It looks like Lobster is on the menu for tonights dinner, the crabs will be cooked and the meat frozen for future meals.




  1. Mmmm. Crab and lobster. What more can I say?

  2. How wonderful! I do love fresh fish and crab. Never tried lobster - yet! Will make it a mission to try it this year.

  3. Aquaponics is currently on my radar. I am fascinated by the whole concept.

  4. That's awesome Dawn. What a brilliant idea!

  5. Aquaculture? Your prodigious activities continue to astound me. How much yield do you expect from what you purchased?

  6. Lobster and crab, my mouth is watering!!

  7. Now that's the kind of foraging that sounds delicious!

  8. I am currently chasing Aquaponics, Good way to grow your own food.


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