Tuesday 19 June 2018

The Milky Bar Kids

Those kids grow fast and become more bouncy with it
 I spend time almost every day, collecting branches and forage to decorate the climbing frame, this way the kids learn to climb building up there muscles and balance skills along with problem solving.
This time of year fresh foraged greens are a major part of there diet as well as the mamma's, they need to make the most of it before winter returns and fresh forage is sparse.
 Now the kids are less dependent on there mums we can now separate them at night, much to the relief of the mums, they never have objections to there youngsters being put behind bars at night, I am sure they secretly sigh and think at last peace and quiet.
 The start of the weaning process opens up the milk bar for us, we never take off milk until we start weaning. 
over winter the milking machine was given a god service, new pipes and a new milking cluster.

 As Enid has come into milk she was also put up on the milking stand, she was fine about it
A little twitchy when the cluster went on but she has now got use to it, she isn't producing as much as the mamas who have kidded, we get about a pint off her.

We only milk in the morning and are getting 7-8 pints a day. 
Looks like I will have to get making some dairy products again. 


  1. Make fudge, it's far nicer when using goats milk.

  2. Nice to see you milking again. Presumably you freeze the milk if you put them into those bags, - I know that goats milk freezes very well. Good luck with making dairy products. We are dependent on ours, which is why we decided to keep the cows. They are the heart of our smallholding because of the input to the kitchen that they make, and also their contribution to the veg plots and raised beds via their manure!

  3. As usual Dawn I am just amazed at the amount of work you do.

  4. Cheese. Goat's milk cheese is a treat, but the cost of doing without goats is prohibitive.


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