Tuesday 12 June 2018

The Story Of Little Compost and Friends

There has been so much going on I will need to do posts over the next few days to bring everything up to date, but I am going to start with telling you about little Compost 
 Little Compost was once an egg sitting in the incubator with lots of eggs, something was not going right with the hatching, first it was the chicks from our own eggs, only two hatched,
a week later the ducklings were due to hatch Little Compost was in that batch
The first little duckling hatched and I popped it in with the two chicks while it waited for some friends to arrive.
A week went by and there was no friends. These three were named, Hear No, See No and Speak No, the three wise chicks.
I cleared out the incubator and threw the eggs in the compost heap.
A couple of days later I was emptying the tea bag caddie in the compost heap and spotted one of the eggs had pipped, I was annoyed with myself thinking it must have started to pip when I threw them away, it had been there for two days.
I started to peel back the shell and 
the little duckling was still alive !!!
 Quick dash back to the house, set up the incubator and popped the egg in

 Evening time and little Compost broke free of his shell, to be honest I didn't hold out much hope he lay there all curled up 
I went off to bed leaving him in the incubator  
 Next morning Little Compost was all fluffed up and on his feet so he joined the others in the brooder.
 A week on and Little Compost is still doing well, spending some time in the sunshine with his friends,
 Last Night, Speak No and Little Compost got separated from the chicks and moved into there own brooder I don't want ducklings and chicks growing up with identity issues.
While this was all going on one of the Hens went broody
 I collected a dozen mixed eggs off a friend and
Mrs Broody was popped into the small hutch with the eggs. 
I also picked up some day old Ross Cobbs to be raised for the table 
They are growing so fast they have now been moved outside to the other brooder and only have heat at night. 
Last month Mr & Mrs Dove hatched out a little one, who has since fledged another egg was laid ans yesterday it hatched I have not seen it yet but the egg shell is on the ground, Mrs Dove is still sitting tight. 
Lots of hatching new additions along with a bit of drama.
Something else happened the day Little Compost hatched I will tell you about it tomorrow. 



  1. to do with last weeks post.
    Interesting article on aquaponics in Mother Earth Magazine this month, did you see it ?

  2. Little Compost is really special - please don't rear him/her for the table - after that amazing beginning he deserves a long life. He certainly looks a tough guy - I bet 'he' is indeed a drake.

    1. I really agree Weaver !
      He is so cute all curled up.

      cheers, parsnip

  3. I feel a book coming on..with Little Compost as the star?! x

  4. Mother Nature is simply amazing ❤️

  5. Lovely news about Compost. What a star. X

  6. miracles...angels and heroes among us...This story lifted my spirits and best wishes to Compost and family.

  7. I think this would make a beautiful illustrated book for children. Love his name.

  8. Oh, Weaver was right....this just made me smile.

    Little compost!

  9. Oh what a great story! Can't wait to read more!!! :)

  10. That is a great story. To quote Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park, life finds a way.

  11. What a little superstar. Little Compost has just stolen a huge piece of my heart.

  12. At a time when some bloggers can only write about doom and gloom and world politics, reading your tale about Little Compost really cheered me up, it was lovely.

  13. Little Compost must be a strong little fighter! Hope he does well.


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