Monday 21 May 2018

Plant Of The Month For May

I bought my May plant at our local village plant fair 
 Abutilon Megapotamicum
 Bit of a mouthful, common name is Trailing Abutilon
I love the flowers on it  they remind me of chinese lanterns,
More details of the plant can be found here 
With all this gorgeous weather we are being spoilt with I am up to date on outside jobs
 giving me plenty of time to work on the pretty garden, creeping buttercup and hairy bittercress are the worse invasive weeds here 
 I am making headway through the borders clearing out as much as possible to try and prevent them for seeding and spreading even more, as sections of borders are cleared I am topping them off with a thick mulch of Alapca poo, I did lose a few plants over that cold winter we had but on the whole most have survived and pests so far are minimal.


  1. Beautiful plant, your garden is looking good.

  2. Your garden looks beautiful Dawn.

  3. I knew I'd missed the Plant Fair - drat! What a stunning plant that is. Your garden is looking great - I am plodding away with my mattocking up brambles and nettles so I can get the new veg. plot established, but it's slow going and the pollen season is about to hit properly.

  4. like your abutilon Dawn. We are desperate for rain here in the Dales and things are looking very thirsty.

  5. Your garden looks lovely, unlike ours which looks more like a field of hay than a proper garden!

  6. Your pretty garden is beautiful! What a treat to be able to keep it up and keep it so pretty. So much of homesteading is such dirty work. It's nice to have areas set aside to rest the eyes and lift the spirit.

  7. That plant is beautiful! I love the colours. And your garden too, so nice! :)


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