Sunday 29 October 2017

Getting In The Harvests

As the season winds down, I have been continung to harvest from the poly tunnels and raised beds.
Peppers have done really well this year as well as picking during the summer I picked all these the other day with the idea of clearing out the plants but there is still about half again coming on so I have left the plants for now, these all got chopped up and in the freezer ready to add to meals.
Tomatoes have been very prolific and bounced back well after an early attack of blight, I wont bother growing the Amish again but the Nepal which are the big ones have been brilliant.
These potatoes are from a pallet collar bed I set up, our fourth lot of succession potatoes this year, that is the way I am going to do them I think rather than put a big area over to them and then having to store, I will just grow them successively perhaps having 5-6 harvests a year.
The last of the Blueberries have been picked and added to the 8lb we have in the freezer.
The melons have now all been cleared, they may not be the biggest but they are juicy and sweet, I am going to have a go at dehydrating some.
Kale we are picking as we want it 
same with the carrots, they are a fantastic size, this year I grew them in a double height pallet collar bed, in very very sandy soil that I mixed myself, I did the same for the parsnips and both have excelled themselves.
Now do you remember 8 months ago I started curing a ham Serrano style, well yesterday was the unveiling day
I happy to report it was a success it taste like a Serrano I am over the moon with it, next year I want to do a couple of them.
Here are my blog links to the process I did 
Now I just have to master some hard cheese from the goats milk.







  1. Dawn, you are simply amazing, I love that you do everything so well, very clever, indeed. Have a lovely day.

  2. I love seeing harvest photos! It's always so exciting to see others' successes, even challenges. Makes me happy! Looking forward now to your cheesemaking posts!

  3. Enjoy your harvest, after all your hard work I'm pleased to see such good results.

  4. Lovely to see you reaping the rewards of your hard work.....and that ham looks amazing.

  5. A very satisfying harvest you have had. We have also done well with peppers, but our melons did not grow this year possibly because of the unusual weather patterns we have had, but the winter squash did well. A satisfying harvest for us both!

  6. oh Dawn - your harvests are so beautiful! i am like Dani above - i love seeing other people's harvest, i looove hearing about their successes, and i really like learning from other people's less than successes. but you have had some beautiful harvests and for that i am glad. i don't always comment but i want you to know that i read every single post. and always enjoy them!

    sending love! your friend,

  7. What a fantastic fruit and veg harvest Dawn. Well done. The ham looks amazing!

  8. Amazing that you are still harvesting fruit and veg. I don't try hard enough, but it's hard to do that and scoot around the country to auctions and Fairs.

    Well done with your Serrano ham. They are so expensive in the shops (even in Lidl!) Good luck with the hard goat's cheese.

  9. Wow you've been busy! The fruit & veg haul looks lovely. We're blessed with well-draining soil here in my neck of the woods in Bedfordshire, so our carrots have been very happy. I haven't managed to grow a non-twizzly parnsnip in about 5 years though, so maybe I'll have to look into your methods!

  10. Love the look of the ham. I agree with Fiona you are amazing and what you have produced is incredible.

  11. Wow, that is a lovely Serrano!!! We are cured meat fans day we want to add that to our skills! I opened up my first Cheddar the other day! It turned out really well, 3 months aged, but that orange plastic coating I'd used gave it a plasticky taste...a few days open should help that, but I'm very pleased overall. Your harvest is so amazing, it must feel so rewarding to see (and taste!) the results of all your gardening efforts! Lots of work to preserve all that wonderful food though I'm sure!

  12. Your garden has been very good to you. Lots of goodies. And then cheese? Yum.

  13. These harvests are looking amazing, end of October too. We're having a fantastic pepper year too, though they are about done. Interesting on your spuds, we lost the lot we planted later to blight, every single one!


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