Friday 13 October 2017

Its All Change In A Few Days

Harvests are still coming and something has to be done with them, I purposely didn't grow some things this year as I had plenty still from the previous year.
 The last of the Bramleys from the old tree in the garden have been turned into apple sauce
 I portioned it up for freezing, once frozen I took it out of the silicon cases and popped them into a bag, Martin is the only one who eats apple sauce I dislike cooked apples, now when we are having pork I can just take a portion out for him.
Tomatoes are still being harvested, roughly 6-7lb a couple of times a week, this lot are destined to be canned.
 Mushrooms are still popping up in the poly tunnels and they get added to dinners or mushroom on toast for breakfast, they certainly like growing in the poly tunnel, next year I am going to set up some mushroom beds in one of the poly tunnels.
 My father in law brought me some of the tomatillos he grew added to some of our tomatoes red onion garlic pepper piquant pepper from the freezer and some coriander
we had a lovely salsa. I didn't have enough fresh coriander as I was out I popped into Thomas and picked up a bunch for £1 also got a couple of pineapples for a £1
they got put in the dehydrator
I do like to nibble on them.
 Martin has got the last of the roof panels onto the workshop barn.
 and made  start on the dividing wall, this is workshop side
 this will be the wood store side, with a mezzanine floor giving a place to store vegetables so they will be close to the house. There will be proper stairs going up no ladders for me, thank you.
 New gates we now have proper opening on closing gates, all the old rusty ones that were just filling a gap and not usable as a gate have been changed, this one leads over to the Alpaca field on the new land
 The fencers have been busy another line of fencing complete, this one divides the sloped field from the Alpacas field, the other side separating them from the hay field was done a few months ago.
The brush is still being chipped, the hay field and sloped field have been cleared, just the Alpaca field to clear then we can start on the dividing hedges and the back fields.
Its all coming together 😀





  1. Martin works as hard as you do. Hope you get some of our promised warm dry weather this weekend.

  2. I did not know you could freeze applesauce. Thanks for that tip. Looks like you are getting a lot done before winter.

  3. Ooh lots going on there. I just dealt with the last of my apples. Soo wish we had a fruit wholesaler close to us. Workshop is coming along great guns.

  4. That's looking great Dawn, all coming together (with a lot of hard work!)

    Louise - shame you don't live closer as I am drowning in apples here!

  5. Gates, particularly field gates, with catches and bolts that operate easily can make a big difference when you spend a day working a smallholding.

  6. It must be so satisfying Dawn to look at before and after photographs.

  7. Busy as usual, love the look of your mushrooms.

  8. Wow - great harvest produce. I love the idea of freezing in the silicon cups for individual portions - even when everyone eats it, it is still a handy way to portion things out. The tomatoes look fantastic. Our harvest time is long gone here in Washington State - although I do have to say I did all my gardening at the local organic farm stand.

  9. Dried pinapple is surprisingly nice isn't it....I also like dried mango.

  10. Gosh, lots going on at your place :D I've been trying to sort things out here, but on a much smaller scale.x

  11. Hi Dawn :) Nice way to freeze the apple sauce! I'm envious of your tomato harvest and those mushrooms look delicious! And that salsa! I haven't made a good homemade salsa in a long time. We have a lot of cilantro still so I think that'll be on the menu next Mexican night!

  12. Wow you've covered loads in this post. It was a big enough job just doing a gate or two and our smaller bit of fencing so hats off to you.looking forward to what you've planned through the winter


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