Monday 9 October 2017

Moving Homes

The past few weeks we have had an influx of family visitors,
It dosen't take much to throw you out of your routine.
Martin's parents were over staying with us from France, there was lots of trips taking them out and about to see the beautiful area we live in. 
Martin's mum got stuck into brushing out some lamb skins that we had tanned 
 she did a grand job
and chose one to take home with her, they come out lovely and once trimmed up they were ready for the guest room.

 Martin has got himself another tractor, it is bigger than his other one, as he has been buying lots of attachments he needed something with a bit more power, once unloaded the forks were put on and it was put to work
we needed a bigger house for the geese, now the first lot of table chickens are in the freezer we have used there house for the geese
of which we now have three, Gertie has joined Tom and Jerry, they spend the day roaming around the field at night they are shut in there secure house in a secure pen. I hope next year we will will have goose eggs and fingers crossed they will raise a nice little family to increase there numbers, they are Chinese crested geese.
 The younger second batch of meat birds are now free ranging in one of the paddocks clearing up bugs and slugs these Ross Cobbs like slugs, they have also moved into bigger accommodation, the old Alpaca field shelter in the background has been re roofed and the front has been closed in with a door and and pop hole, Martin got it done with the help of his dad.
The Billy kids have now been weaned from there mums they have moved into there own paddock with there own bachelor pad.
 Another field shelter that Martin adapted to a goat house.
 The boat has returned home after being re-tubed and serviced its now all ready to hit the waves.
 Another acquisition for Martin a transporter trailer, its just as well we have space to store all these boy toys.
This weeks project, Martin is re-roofing this barn with new box panels, the old leaky corrugated sheeting is coming off, half of the barn has had a concrete floor put in and will become Martins workshop the rest of the barn is being given over to a wood store and veg store. 
We need it weather tight before winter sets in, the roof will be finished today next job is wood cladding on the outside, as it is near the house it needs to look tidy.
I wont leave it so long for my next blog post everything is now getting back to normal.👍  




  1. Goodness I'm exhausted reading that, you two never stop. I admire your determination and professionalism. It's great having those big toys top help out.

  2. I love reading your blog, Dawn!

  3. Oh I've been looking forward to a new post from the Ranch and you don't disappoint! Sheep fleece looks fab and the goats are coming on well. Love the goose photo.

  4. You both have been busy, I am so glad you are improving your plot, and living the life you dreamed.

  5. You've both been working hard, as always, and getting things sorted before winter arrives. Martin will be pleased to have his new workshop shipshape and Bristol fashion.

    Your m-in-law did well with the fleece combing - those have made super rugs.

  6. Hi Dawn :) You are so right, it takes very little (at least for me) to throw me off my routine, and I never feel good about it! I've been off kilter the last few weeks, we have two accidental canine additions to the family and it really threw me off. Things are getting better though. That geese photo is awesome! Very good timing! Good luck with all the hard work, it's good that Martin is there to help you out!

  7. Visitors are so welcome and it is a delight to have them there but it is also lovely when they go and just leave behind pleasant memories and you can get back to normal.

  8. I look forward to seeing pictures of the shed when its finished. Its a good idea to have a tool shed near the dwelling.

  9. I wish Andy was as handy as your Martin.... I could find him lots of jobs to

    Life at the ranch certainly looks busy.

  10. There's still so much you are getting on with and having the extra machinery will make a difference. We plan to acquire new things as and when we can afford them. I look forward to seeing what you will use them for. I prefer goose egg frittata to hen egg!


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