Monday 6 November 2017

Martin's Project

While I have been busy working on things for Christmas Craft Fairs of which we are well and truly in the season of, Martin has been working on his project.
 This ugly building just outside the back door, part covered in rusty corrugated sheets the front we have kept covered in monoflex to keep the weather out, our first kids were born in here, I used it raise the bottle lambs, the Alpacas used it as temporary shelter during the wet winter, it was were we brought Daffodil when she took poorly and died, its a place to store the quad bike, ride on mower, logs drying out and the log splitter is set up at the far end, a useful tatty building, the back of it is on boundary, like all smallholdings every building is valuable not matter what state it is in.
A concrete floor was put into the first half, the difference between the highest floor point at the far end and were the floor was going to finish was 3 foot, that was a lot of concrete to fill in.
 This summer Martin made a start on giving it a new lease of life, the old metal sheets were stripped off the roof and replace with new box metal panels.

 Half way down a partition wall has built a stud frame and sheets of insulation have been put in
Then the end could be worked on, he bought a second hand electric roller door, fitted it and started cladding the surround.
 Then the angle corner metal bits went on
 This week end he managed to buy a second hand brown upvc door locally fitted it and made a start with the side cladding and insulation.
Now waiting on a delivery of some more cladding, once its done it will be stained to match my cabin and will become Martin's workshop garage area, the freezers will be moving in temporary while we do the extension work on the house, all his tools and equipment will have home.
The rest of the barn is to become a big log store and place to do the butchering.
He says he is really enjoying working on it and now when I step out of the back door I don't have an eyesore to look at.



  1. Looks great! When I saw it int he summer I knew it would be a great space to work in!

  2. Tell Martin that I am impressed!!! It looks great and such a useful space!!

  3. Such a transformation. Great job Martin!

  4. Form and function-not always seen together, but your DH is very good at making bespoke items exactly to your needs. Happy selling and hope the fairs are a success. Catriona

  5. What a transformatio , it looks brilliant and I'm sure it will prove valuable for many things.

  6. What a transformation that is Dawn.

  7. THAT looks like something jambaloney would build and keep refining! tell Martin he is doing an excellent job! there are those of us out there who completely understand that a proper project takes time...and in the interim you have to just make do! jambaloney is loving the look of this too! gorgeous work!

    sending love! your friend,

  8. What a great useful space. Well done to your husband

  9. Amazing space, I love to see every bit of space being utilised.


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