Thursday 19 October 2017

Goose Obsesssion

Tom one of the ganders has an obsession
It might even be goose love 
 He has fallen head of heels in love with the pink wheelbarrow, he follows the wheelbarrow everywhere 
even when you know he hasn't seen you and he is down the other end of the field and you move that wheelbarrow out of sight he will find it.
 today Tom was most upset when the wheelbarrow was turned over and the wheel taken off, it had a puncture
 while it was upturned he stood guard over his friend, give gentle little pecks as if to encourage it to hang in there.
 he doesn't like his friend being upturned and out of action. 
Hang in there Tom, Pinky will be better soon.
The other two Jerry and Gertie have no interest in Pinky and not at all concerned when Tom disappears to be by Pinky's side.

Another bit of news Thomson and Morgan contacted me earlier in the week asking if they can use my blog as part of there 9 Wonderful Welsh Garden Blogger Article, of course I said yes, 
you can read the article here on there blog 9 Wonderful Welsh Garden Blogs


  1. Oh fantastic. How lovely to be asked.

  2. Falling in love with a pink wheelbarrow could well be the basis of an article for Thomson and Morgan - stranger things have happened.

  3. I hope that wheelbarrow doesn't break his little heart. x

  4. Oh, dear Tom, what a sweetie :D

  5. That Pinkie Love is just the cutest thing there is! Congrats on being featured in that article.

  6. Congratulations on your blog being featured by Thomson and Morgan, Dawn.

  7. I've nominated your blog to share and pass it on. It's just a fun way to meet new bloggers and is totally optional. Details on my blog.x

  8. Tom is adorable...funny what "things" the little critters hold so dear!! :)

  9. We have a hen that always goes for my wife's red wellington boots, but I don't think its love.

  10. This cracked me up Dawn, brilliant. Good news on blog nomination, I'll check it out. We're still on holiday at the minute so I'm catching up whilst I have the time!


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