Wednesday 25 October 2017

Feet Of All Shapes And Sizes.

A regular job that needs doing around here is feet.
The mama goats get feet checks every fortnight 
 Thelma has problem feet and I am trimming them to try and bring them back into the shape should be. She came to us with poor feet and two years on there is only 1 now that still needs regular work. Thelma has a bit of an attitude and tries to show she is boss stamping her feet
 Helen with her dodgy leg is no easy task, standing on only three legs she falls over if you pick up a foot, so I need Martin on hand to hold her up, as she was born here her feet are in good shape and never been a problem as we have done them on a regular basis
 Connie came with poor feet as well but hers are now in fairly good shape, having the goats on the milking stand makes feet trimming very easy, they get groomed every day as well, Connie has long hair and it often has tangles she enjoy being brushed down and smartened up.
 Helen is just Helen and is very friendly she likes to were ever the action is, she is very aware of those horns but has never used them in anger.
 The boys feet are still fine being kids.
 Every couple of months the Alpacas have to have there feet trimmed, its a two person job, yesterday we got them shut in for a pedicure,
 They don't really like there feet or legs being handled, It is usually me at the feet end while Martin holds them still or tries to, they are really strong animals and can easily throw you around.
 Nick Nack who is the best trained I can hold easily then Martin can do his feet, its good that we both know how to every ones feet
Injuries from yesterdays feet trimming were minimal 
One bruise for me, Daisy kicked out and caught the inside of my leg, Alpacas have 2 toes and those toe nails grow like 2 talons, in the natural habitat they are on stony rocky ground that keeps those talons ground down, having there shelter with a concrete floor helps but its not enough.
Martin did his sheep the other day, being a small breed they are easy for one person to handle.
I did the dogs.
Every ones feet are now in good shape to see them into winter.


  1. I hope you treated yourselves to a nice foot soak after all the hard work. x

  2. That is a lot of feet to look after Dawn and I am very glad I don't have to do it if you end up bruised like that.
    I'm sure the animals appreciate it very much.

  3. Nobody likes getting their feet trimmed, but good for you for being diligent! We aren't as on-the-ball as we ought to be on that, I admit, but some of our goats are a two-person job for trimming. Especially the bucks!

  4. Oh, I remember my daughter trimming the goats feet. When she moved out, it was either we re-home or I would do it. I didn't feel comfortable with our 175 lb. buck (with a scur), so we re-hoomed until I feel comfortable with a smaller breed. We had lamancha, but got a good amount of milk too.

  5. Oh my gosh!!! I hope your bruise heals soon, that looks like it hurt! I'm thankful I only have 90 little doggie nails to trim weekly! ;)

  6. Your goats look lovely, and the alpacas too look quite well tended.
    I have only the horses hooves to trim, and admit that I find it harder each year to do by myself. I just haven't the strength to squeeze the nippers properly in my hands anymore & am generally only good for one horse at a time.
    Oh, I do have rabbits & dogs & cats who need their nails trimmed, but they are all easily done. The cat that I trim is actually a polydactyl & cannot sharpen/rub down the little tiny toenails that grow between his regular toes. He has 28 toes in total, his front paws look like catchers mitts. I do have laying hens each year, but as they only stay from early Spring until Winter sets in, I've never had to mess with their feet, only trim their flight feathers to keep them from flying out of the safety of their yard.

  7. I hate doing feet. Horrible job. Kids are bad enough. When I trim tehir nails and mine its 80 nails! And we all grow tehm really fast (once a week to be trimmed!)


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