Friday 24 February 2017

Where Did It Go?

The week has just flown by, cant believe its Friday already,
Thank you for all comments regarding Tess
She has settled in well, our only problem we have is as well as having limited vision she is also deaf, no response to bangs or whistles she doesn't hear a thing, but her nose works fine.
 She cant do voice commands so we have to touch her nose then she will follow us providing we keep our hand in front of her face.
 She can be let off her harness in the field as it is enclosed she has investigated the chickens with her nose
 Sol is feeling a little left out at times but he is fine with her.
 She enjoyed a bit of rough and tumble with Martin
 When out walking we have to keep her harnessed at all times
 But the tail is still wagging and she seems happy in herself.
We do have a problem getting her to move if she is in the wrong place as she cant seem to turn herself round and when she lays down and we need her to go out for her business last thing at night she cant hear us call and we have to lift her to her feet to get moving, or lift her out when she gets stuck, 39kg is no easy to lift from the floor.
Yesterday I was out nearly all day 
Dentist first thing in the morning
Then at lunch time I was meeting some of the ladies off the sewing group for lunch.
Storm Doris blew through lots of debris was blown about, I came across a tree across the road just up from us, Martin went and cleared it with our grandson who is with us for a few days, we lost a couple of the old animal shelters, blown to bits one they have managed to repair the other has had it.
Martin and Grandson have been busy with something else but I will update on that tomorrow.
I hope everyone  has fared the storm and is OK.


  1. Looks like she's settling in brilliant considering it's such early days. x

  2. Isn't she lovely, so pleased to see she's adapting so well to her new life xx

  3. All those problems and still she wags her tail...bless that little angel.
    Dogs are just so awesome-x-

  4. We have a deaf blue heeler, we have brought a collar that buzzes just to get her attention so she turns around to see where we are, we have taught her basic hand signals so when we go walking and let her off the lead she dosnt go to far, Jo

  5. Glad to hear that Tess is doing better than when she first arrived with you.

  6. I'm so happy that she's getting to spend the rest of her days with you, living a normal happy life as all dogs deserve. I know of 2 totally blind labs who both do fine - their noses make up for the sight.

  7. Bless Tess with her problems but I know she is loved and will still enjoy her life with you all.

  8. I am so happy she is adapting to her new home, how lucky she is to have a field to walk in. Thanks for updating us on her progress
    Alana x


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