Wednesday 22 February 2017

Sol Gets A New Sister

Yesterday Sol and me went on a special day out over to Barry in the Vale Of Glamorgan, the past week I have been doing paperwork, interview and home check to adopt a rescue dog.
yesterday was our meet and greet to see if Sol and his new sister would get on and of course to see if she took to me. She was in a foster home rather than in kennels
 Here she is
 There was lots of sniffing circling each other and tail wagging
 After introductions were over they both lay down and did what dogs do best, sleep and snore.
 I then got to name her, meet Tess
 and home with us she came
 Tess is finding it all a bit strange but keeps wagging that tail
 Not got the idea of lying in a comfy bed.
Now let me tell you the story of Tess.
She is approx 10 years old and is a rescue ex breeder from a puppy farm, she has spent her whole life living in a cage were she would eat sleep toilet and churn out puppies to line some-ones pockets,
She had never been out side to run on grass, feel the rain snow or sun, we don't know how many litters of puppies she has had but her condition says a lot, she has pressure sores on her legs and scarring on her neck were it is assuming at some point she was tied up and fitted with a spiked collar, her hair will never re-grow in that area. Her legs are fairly weak and she is about 12kg overweight.
She has never lived in a house so its all very new, as is the big outdoors. She has been spayed, had her vaccinations worm and flea treatment before being adopted, she has never played or had a bed to sleep in and her sight is starting to go, but that tail never stops wagging, she has had no training so doesn't understand the basic commands like sit or come, she has a lot to learn on her new journey in life. 
We adopted her through
They have nearly 300 dogs of all ages waiting to be homed from puppies to oldies, most of there dogs are rescued from puppy farms, when you see puppies advertised on social media and selling sites on the internet the chances are those are from puppy farms and every pup that is bought is enabling the cruelty to continue, authorised puppy breeders don't use them platforms to sell from. 
If you are thinking of getting a puppy please get one through a charity that has rescued one and don't line the pockets of puppy farm breeders.
Sol and Tess have both come to us to retire both from very very different backgrounds but there needs are the same, food, shelter a safe place to call home, the opportunity to be dogs run and play, we hope they will both continue to have lots of adventures in there retirement. Sol will help her adapt to this new life I hope.
Today Tess is going to have a tour of the smallholding, meet all the residents and later on we will try a walk in the woods. A very busy full on day for this old lady.


  1. Oh well done Dawn! THANK YOU for doing that. I hope Tess has a long and happy retirement with you all - down on Jollity Farm! ��

  2. That's a wonderful thing you did Dawn.
    Welcome Tess.....looking forward to reading about your progress as you settle into a proper home.
    Love to you all-x-

  3. Today's post has made me so happy! Poor Tess - her life will be so much happier now with you. Puppy farms disgust me to put it politely.
    Our local lab rescue - East Midlands Labrador Rescue (on Facebook if you have an account)- takes in many Labradors who go on to happy lives. Labs are such lovely dogs too - how they could be mistreated like Tess is beyond belief.

  4. Oh I am nearly in tears Dawn. Tess is going to have the most wonderful life at The Ranch with you, Martin and especially Sol. I am sure in time they will become partners in crime. She looks and with all your love, care and attention I am sure she will progress to a very happy dog. (Keep wagging that tail, Tess, and we all look forward to seeing photos of you in your new home.)

  5. How co-incidental. We also got a new dog yesterday.

    We didn't rescue a dog, nor get an older one. We HAD to get a puppy as we have to teach it from the get go that the alpaca paddocks are out of bounds! The litter it comes from was not purposely bred - the owner of the mum didn't even know her dog was pregnant, which is why she said it was either Ridgeback X Labrador, or Ridgeback X Border Collie. Turns out Border Collie it is as the Labrador has no white.

    Stellar is an absolute treat and we're privileged to have her here in her forever home :D

  6. Hope Tess settles in alright...I am sure she will though because her happily wagging tail! I think it is a wonderful thing that you have done, and I am sure that Tess and Sol think the same.

  7. Wow, lucky Tessa, I hopscotch all goes well for you all.

  8. Bless you for rescuing Tess. We rescued a mastiff who had come from a puppy farm and used for breeding a few years ago. She was the most loving dog. Boris is also a rescue. Maggie we did buy as we couldn't find an American bulldog in rescue but we think of her as a rescue because the breeder wanted her gone at 5 weeks which was much too young. Tess must be so happy to be with you all there.

  9. oh my gosh, a few tears for Tess then, bless her. She is wagging because she knows a good home is with you. :)

  10. Quite simply - Bless her and Bless you for rescuing her xxx

  11. oh my, I'm so happy for Tess and that Sol has a new friend. What a wonderful pair of seniors they will be.

  12. Well done you for giving this old gal some happiness to end her days with. I am sure she will be so happy in her new home with you. I wondered if it was Many Tears that you got her from/through. Sol is her perfect partner in crime. I wonder what she will make of the beach when she is stronger? She must think she is in heaven with the gates shut now.

  13. Awww bless...poor least the last years of her life will be easier on some humans can be so inhuman I shall never understand. Welcome Tess. x

  14. Such an awful life for her I really cannot understand how anyone can be so cruel, but how wonderful that she now has a lovely life with you.

  15. Bless you. I hope she settles well despite all the new things to learn. Keep on wagging your tail Tess. That really is a lovely and wonderful thing you have done. Look forward to the updates xx

  16. Welcome Tess! She's a sweet looking lady for sure :) I'm so glad you could give her a good home Dawn. Our two dogs are rescues...both mums were pregnant without it being planned. We got our lab as a puppy, and our unknown bitza also as a puppy. The lab was from a desperate home, the bitzas mum was saved from death row ( she was pregnant, and they were still going to kill her! ). We adopted one of her puppies. Our kitties were the kits of a very young mum cat who was dumped, pregnant :(

    Each time we set out to buy a pure breed from a breeder, and each time, these babies came in to our lives instead ha!

  17. May Tess live out the remainder of her life surrounded by love. I rescued a puppy mill Momma and she was a wonderful addition to my other critters. She got breast cancer, so only lived with us for a couple years, but I know that she passed knowing she was loved. Best wishes to you!

  18. Oh bless her, I hope she settles in well and gets to really know how wonderful life can be.

  19. I am certain that with your good husbandry she will bloom in her new setting. I hope Sol has fun with his new sister.

  20. oh that's wonderful. I personally donate regularly to many tears and two years ago adopted my beautiful cocker spaniel boy who was also from a puppy farm. I remember seeing beautiful Tess recently on their website and feeling heartbroken for her due to the length of time she had spend in a puppy farm. It brings tears of joy to me knowing that she will have a fantastic life with you. Thank you for sharing this with us please could you keep us updated on her progress. kind regards Alana xx


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