Saturday 4 February 2017

Feeling Shattered and Snow

Today was my first craft market of the year,  it left me feeling shattered.

I did some meal preps yesterday
 Some pork crackling for Martin, it was the rind off a joint I was preparing, one of our home reared pork joints.
 Pulled pork it was left to marinade all day before being popped in the oven. We are having it tomorrow.
I also did a couple of slow roasted lamb shanks with Rosemary Thyme and garlic all home grown and the lamb was home reared.
we had them for dinner this evening, the meat just fell off the bone, really tender and tasty.
The yogurt turned out great
 I have been having it for breakfast with some pureed fruit from last summer that was in the freezer
last night we had another snow fall
I really didn't think it would settle but it did, then overnight it froze, my car was so frozen up Martin struggled to get a door open and then we couldn't get the boot open to load all my boxes, it all had to go in through the passenger door. Even though it was brilliant sunshine the road was just a sheet of ice, by this evening the frozen snow was still out in the fields.
 I will pop a link on the recipe page for the Lamb.



  1. Beautiful but rather inconvenient then! x

  2. I love crackling and yours looks delicious. The lamb recipe would be great, thank you

  3. I daren't show Andy this or he will be packing his bags and moving in with you...he'd love all that....especially the crackling.
    It all looks gorgeous-x-

  4. Pulled pork sounds lovely, but lamb is my favourite, I'm not surprised your shattered xx

  5. All your meat products look yummy! Love the look of the pork.

  6. Please keep posting the recipes Dawn. The pork crackling looks amazing.

  7. Mmmmmmm crackling. Mouth watering

  8. Yes definitely keep posting the recipes please - I love new ideas


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