Thursday 12 January 2017

It Came And Went

Well the snow came
 It started to settle then the sky started turning blue just before sunset, left us with slush. They say there is more to come overnight, I am not expecting it to be much if anything. I do think with the forecasts they hype it up to be worse than it is going to be, just to cover themselves.
I got stuck into making the Mango Chutney,
 Adding the other ingredients and cooking it down
 After about 30 mins it thicken up
Now in jars cooling down, I didn't bring enough jars in, the chutney that is in the jug will get put into jars tomorrow, my jars are kept out in the barn, now its dark and slushy underfoot I don't fancy going out there again. The link to the recipe can be found on the recipe page.
I made Sol a new bandanna today
This time I made one that his collar can slip into.
I have been busy getting some new things made ready for my stall in February, they are over on my craft blog. 



  1. I have countless jars. Now that I no longer make jams and chutneys (we don't want to eat the sugar) I buy marmalade just for breakfast (Tiptree, which is delicious)and then have to put the jars out with the recycle things. I wish I could give them to you.

  2. Hmm.. I think we could be in for a bit more snow before the winter is over. It's very cold in my area tonight. Jx

  3. I looked at the mangos in lidl today and thought of mango chutney. But I need to use up what I got in the cupboards.

  4. Well we got a bit of snow which has laid but it can go now if it wants to.
    How smart does Sol look in his new bandanna...bless him-x-

  5. That chutney looks delicious! Like the others who are not eating sugar...I miss chutneys...wish there was an alternative as I'd love to make my own! Do you water bath or pressure can it, or does it preserve without that?

  6. I hope Sol can't read...he might take it personally! No snow here this morning...wasn't half a rough night though, and maybe where I drove yesterday still has some...out in real wild country. x

  7. Glad the snow went again for you. We have some here and it is trying to have another go! Enjoy the chutney.

  8. Again here along the south coast we missed most of it. It snowed about 5ish, but this morning it was gone and none of the terrible ice we were promised.


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