Monday 23 January 2017

Finalising Plans And Parsnips

I have re-drawn the garden plans so many times I have lost count, 
yesterday I finalised them and committed them to the back of the diary.
 No more changing my mind now.

Poly Tunnel 1 also called the Citrus house, with its row of citrus trees down the middle, It will mainly house the tomato and peppers this year, the onions should in out in time for the peppers, I am also going to try a mushroom bed in here, I shall be starting that in a few weeks time. This poly tunnel has my potting benches, and out the front is two herb beds.
 Next spot along is the four outdoor raised beds, were I rotate the growing.
Then its the fruit cage, still some space here, I am thinking perhaps a couple of dwarf peach trees but still undecided.

Then Poly Tunnel 2, this is more of a working all year round poly tunnel, in a few weeks things will be starting here, there are 4 pallet collar beds running down the south side that will be used for squashes, and two outside the door that are being prepared for carrots and parsnips, new this year I am trying some peanuts. In two of the corners are grape vines tat are being trained across the crop bars and struts.

Yesterday I took up some Parsnips they have done really well,
 No roast parsnips this time
I made up a pot of Spicy Parsnip Soup for lunch
 I have never done a parsnip soup before, it was a lovely tasty thick soup, a Jamie Oliver RECIPE
Now I just have to finalise a list of seeds I want to get to try, there is so many to choose from. 👩


  1. Love seeing your plans Dawn and what new things you are trying this year!

  2. Parsnip and apple soup is good too Dawn. Chop up a couple of parsnips an onion and a Bramley apple and saute them over a gentle heat in a lidded pan until they begin give up some of their juices - you could use butter or oil for this. Then add vegetable or chicken stock and cook gently until soft and then liquidise. I usually add some milk then to thin it to the required consistency.

  3. That is the parsnip soup recipe I tried on Christmas day....really lovely. I must make some more-x-

  4. Not having parsnips growing I have to buy them, and buy them I do with the idea of making a delicious soup like this, but we keep roasting them instead! I will get some soup and you have reminded me that I must do this soon! Hope you enjoyed yours!

  5. I've been drawing my plan up as well! I've got loads of bed this year so it's been fun trying to decide what to put into each one. I've bought soem wood to make mini polytunnels which will have to do before I get big ones in the future!

  6. I have not had any luck with parsnips growing :( your soup looks lovely! I love all your plans for the gardens :) do you ever have issues with pollination growing in the tunnels?

  7. I'm so impressed by the way you just keep working through all these scary looking jobs! Jx

  8. I need to get some plans drawn up, haven't had a chance to finish the beds though!!

  9. Your garden plans look treat! I wish I could be that organized.

  10. I love doing plans as it is the hope of what is to come. Roll on spring and summer.


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