Friday 20 January 2017

Big Green Monster

Martin came home last night, an extra long week end for him on the ranch, he brought with him a big green monster.
 A fork lift was used to get it on his pick up, we now had the problem of getting it off and it weighs in at 195kg, there was no way we were going to lift it off between us, my maximum lift is 30kg.
 Martin is good at problem solving, the pick up was backed up to a sturdy tree, he fixed a pulley in place

 Rope was fastened to the tractor through the pulley and attached to the green monster, Martin backed the tractor up enough for it to raise said monster up off the bed of the truck, and with the tractor taking the strain
I drove the pick up away slowly, monster was now unloaded
 using the linkage it was driven down the field, connected up and put to work
 Big green monster is a PTO driven chipper, we can now clear the mountains of brush we are accumulating from reclaiming the hedges. A great bit of equipment that will be of great use to us time and time again.
 The wood chips are all getting used in the growing area, to cover all the pathways, as a mulch in the fruit cage and anywhere else I want it.
 within a couple of hours working together we filled 3 bags with wood chips and that was from the smallest pile of brush. 
There is still mountains of the stuff.
Its been a glorious blue sky sunny day, we sat in the sunshine and had bacon rolls for lunch, it was hard to believe its January.


  1. Replies
    1. I wouldnt even attempt to cut it all by hand we would get to the end of it

  2. Replies
    1. We are getting a bit of collection of useful machines

  3. Replies
    1. not having any more grass to cut in the veg area will be bliss

  4. That's an awesome piece of kit Dawn! How totally useful!

  5. That has solved your brash problem! Great idea, and the unloading of it too . . .

  6. Love your big green monster, it has a brilliant use.

  7. Great to be outside with nature . The satisfying feeling of a job well done ,alpaca poo , a bit of sunshine and a bacon butty ..what more could you want ? :)...oh yes ..a labyrinth it ! :) Daisy Debs

    1. I watched your video on the Labyrinth its going on my list

  8. A great way to make use of what you have waiting to be used. A great way to unload it too!

    1. I had considered buying in bark chips but this way its free


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