Thursday 3 November 2016

Shoveling and Shifting

Still making the most of the glorious weather,
Last week this got cleared out ready to be knocked down, I think it was an old pig sty and over the years has been used as a dumping ground for all sorts of garden waste
 There is a couple of plastic compost bins sitting beside it, needed clearing, I got the round one emptied
 and moved into compost bin 2, I added some crushed egg shells, and it was mixed in with the bedding from the goats,
 Then bin number 1 was emptied turned and mixed into bin 2
 There was plenty of steam coming off, and it looks to be breaking down lovely, its now covered over and will be left until spring, when it should be ready to use.
 After turning the bins, I got working on next years squash beds, pallet collars have been used for these south facing beds that run down the side of the poly tunnel.
 I added another pallet collar as they were not deep enough with one.
 Then a 12 inch layer of well rotted manure was added 
 Then topped off with a couple of bags of spent mushroom compost to fill the bed
 The beds are covered over with the bags from the compost, the bags have holes in them, all tucked up for winter, come spring they should be raring to go.
 I have four of these beds set up and there all getting the same treatment, courgettes, squashes and pumpkins will be planted here next year, the following year it might be carrots and parsnips.
I picked off the unripe fruit from the fig tree, these will not ripen now, the goats enjoyed them
The only fruit that was left was the tiny pea sized fruit, anything bigger was taken off, the tiny pea sized fruits will stay over winter and when spring comes the fruit will start growing and will be the first fruits ripen next year.

Friday 26th November 
John rang Eva Brown about calf sales, one at Newcastle Emlyn, went there bought two calves, one Aberdeen Angus cross £66 Magic, one Sharleigh cross £74 Misty.
John pressure washed the the bull pen, then got the two calves to suckle from Lucky and Sunny.
Made some bread, did some cleaning in the house, Douglas sent John £80 registered post, bought livestock movement book. £1.40 and NFU vat book 50p.
Mother and Father Tran and Janet arrived at 10pm.


  1. I am just so envious of all that work. I love those beds all cosily tucked in for winter and raring to go in Spring

  2. great doing this before winter kicks in, then you can cosy up knowing it's all ready and waiting

  3. I'm going to send my daughter over to have a good read of your gardening posts. She now has complete control over planting plans and growing where she works and has a couple of polytunnels which she has never grown in before.
    I am sure she will find your blog very useful indeed-x-

  4. looking forward to seeing the piggies. Your compost looks lovely and rich.

  5. I really must try and get out in my garden. I saw some free horse manure on the way back from yours yesterday, so I will get Keith to come and help me load the car up so I can overwinter it on my veg plot.

    You are very organised, as always.

  6. I just love your raised bed collars.

  7. I had no idea about the baby figs! I love all your beds being put to sleep :) mine are just being woken up!

  8. how long is it now until the piglets arrive?


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